Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lots of tech stuff

First off, as most of you know now, I have a South Carolina phone number now and a sweet new phone. It's green and has one of those slide out keyboards. Surprisingly enough it was only $50. Sallie wants my phone over her Blackberry. She thinks its cooler and its a hell of a lot cheaper. (Well, hers would've been cheap had the rebate gone through)

Now onto how I wasted and have been wasting my life. First, let me explain why I would let things get to this point. Not only have I been busting my butt at work, but every break I get I'm on careerbuilder looking for a job. I come home from work and I work my Sun news job for a half hour, jump on Careerbuilder, Monster, classified ads, and Craigslist all desperately look for some employment. My back has been in intense pain for about four days and I haven't slept a good night any of those nights. I woke up this morning literally looking like a zombie, dark eyes and pale face, and for a brief moment my brain said awesome, but then it realized it had never fallen asleep and started cursing me and my back out. Yes, my mind has a mind of its own. Don't ask how, it just has a duel core processor. (Anyone who gets that is a fellow tech nerd, and I thank you for continually reading my blogs) Those are the reasons for what I've about to tell you. Anyone that is a non-gamer won't understand.

I've been literally playing videogames for 6-7 hours straight a night until Sal comes home, when we watch a movie and I somewhat pass out. Now, 6-7 hours is really nothing for a true gamer. We've all had those 10 hours sessions (Allan, I'm ePointing at you) where we play until 4 in the morning eating pizza, BBQ, chips, and soda. However, I'm trying to force myself to finish games that aren't fun anymore. Tonight, I came home from dinner with Sallie at 7:30 and sat down to play "Lost Odyssey" (The massive 4 disk game I talked positively about before) and just finished 5 minutes ago at 12:35. Its not because I wanted to keep playing it. Its because they wouldn't give me a save point. And because I hate not beating games so I trudge through this poop swamp of a Role Playing Game.

Now let me explain why I'm trooping through a couple of not so great games right now. As stated before, I hate to leave games unfinished. However, I need money. I need money to pay off our TV. I also need money for one of the greatest gadgets for a gamers health... WiiFit. Yes it has gotten to the point that I must be tricked into exercising via Videogame. For those of you who don't know, Nintendo has created an amazing exercise program for their already physical Wii system. It essentially is one of the most amazing scales on the consumer market. Sallie likes to tell me I'm an overhyping fanboy, but it has been stated that outside of the doctor's office or some sort of science lab that measures things, this is the most accurate scale. It supposedly can tell if you're holding a glass of water from one time to the next. It also must ask if you're wearing shorts or pants when you get on because it'll throw its readings off. The game that comes with the balance board has over 40 activities in yoga, muscle building, and aerobic activities. It sets up an exercise program for you, tells you if you're over weight, stores your body mass index, and does all kinds of cool things. The Nintendo editors at IGN (entertainment site) have been working out for 15 days and one of them has lost 16.9 lbs. Don't believe me, read it for yourself. ( So yes, I do need this piece of equipment to keep me in shape. Sad, but true.

Other than that, today has been a high school flashback day. I've been listening to Blink 182 and playing Tomb Raider in between cursing "Lost Odyssey." If anyone wants to ship me hardcore pain medicine for my back or lots of money to alleviate either of my pains, I would love you more than any of the others.