Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jurassic Park

Sal and I had a very relaxing day cut off from the outside world yesterday. The highlight being watching Jurassic Park.

I forgot how absolutely amazing that movie is and I don't feel I've given it enough props in the past. I remember seeing it in theaters and the moment Dr. Grant (who I realized last night could pass off for Indiana Jones) sees the brontosaurus eating from the trees. With the theater speakers blaring the music and thundering clads of the dinosaur's feet crashing to the ground after getting an exceptionally high branch, you can't help but get goose bumps. Or what about the part where Dr. Sattler sticks her hands into a five foot tall pile of stegosaurus poop. Or when the lawyer runs to hide in the bathroom and Malcom says, "When you got to go, you go to go."

I realized two other things whilst watching it last night. First, Samuel L. Jackson was in the movie as the computer tech. I've never in the fifty or so times I've watched the movie noticed he's the one that says, "Hold on to your butts" as he kicks the power off.

The second thing I realized is the park ranger is the man. I wish he would get to use his combat shotgun against the raptors, but he's too in love with them. All he can utter is one of my favorite lines, "clever girl."

Anyway, we have JP fever and are promptly going to move the other two movies up in our Netflix cue. I anticipate the forth one with a renewed vigor. (Yes there will be a forth one, its currently in the works)

Tomorrow I will turn my phone back on. Anyone that has calmed down and still wants to discuss drama can. If you don't talk to me within the next two days, I expect that any drama there once was has melted away, and life is good again.