Thursday, June 26, 2008

I've got nothing to write about

Sallie and I started packing some of our stuff up today, mentally taking note of what we can throw away once we're finished living here. Its kind of sad, things we once were so into now end up in the trash pile because we don't feel like moving them and we can't sell them on Ebay. I guess it shows how fragile a human's love for material objects can be.

The local brewery released their new summer flavor of beer today and had a tap party for members of their club. Sal and I are members, and it appears most of Myrtle Beach's retirement community also are. We witnessed so many, very drunk old people. It was kind of hilarious. The beer was pretty good. We each got two free drinks, lots of free appetizers, and ate a real meal. Came home around 8, watched a television show, and then decided to fall asleep for the night. Problem is, when you have that much beer and food in you, you tend to sweat a lot. This proved to be an issue. I woke up feeling like I was 110 degrees around 10. I also felt disgustingly full. I went for a swim to cool down and now feel alright. The real kicker is, I took a two hour nap and now can't fall asleep, or even feel tired.

My Xbox has officially died. It lasted a little over five and half months. After spending thirty minutes on the phone with an Indian with a lisp, I finally got him to send a repair box. Microsoft is going to fix it for free, but it will be six weeks before I have it back. Meanwhile my Wii is on Ebay, and I have no job for a PS3, and I only have one or two computers games. Essentially my videogame life will be contained on the DS for the next two months.

I've been watching a show called "Dead Like Me" for the past two hours. The premise is a slacker, apathetic girl is hit with a toilet seat from a space station and killed. Upon death, she discovers she is a grim reaper. Thus far the show is decent. It touches on deeper meanings and inner conflict of "can I take the soul of a little girl or why does the criminal get away and the innocent person dies" but it doesn't quite give enough for me to justify telling anyone to check it out.

Another show we've been watching lately is Dexter, which I will recommend. Its about a forensic, CSI, type officer with a catch... he's a serial killer. This means he knows how to cheat the system and work everything. Very interesting. It'll pull you in. Netflix it, and we'll talk about it.

Well I suppose I was just trying to fill my boredom well into the night, but I'm out of stuff to write about, and I don't like just blogging for the sake of blogging much. I'll see most of you in a couple weeks back in St. Louis.