Sunday, June 15, 2008

I Miss Being Tired?

Yes, the title of this blog would initially confuse or at least peak the curiosity of most. (That's what writers do, they pull you in with cryptic titles and first sentences. Worked didn't it?)

I've been unemployed for only one week and I have to say besides obviously the paycheck, I miss being tired. Its an unexplained claustrophobic feeling. I miss coming home from work and sitting in front of the television or Xbox, too tired to do anything else for a little while. Now I wake up when I wake up, sit in front of the TV waiting for Sallie to wake up. Watch some stuff with her until she goes to work and then I'm stuck in front of the television again. If you would've asked me if I would like this set up two weeks ago, I would've undeniably said yes!

The symptoms of this unemployment seem to be this need to get out of the apartment. However, everything I want to do outside the apartment requires money. We have ourselves a classic case of Catch 22 here. I also get these weird like greasy feeling sweats. I guess since I'm not doing anything to active my body has to force itself to sweat to get rid of toxins or something. I feel disgusting. I want to shower more now than I did when I was working. I also find that I get bored doing the things I normally would do after work. Videogames (unless playing with someone else) tend to bore me after about 45 minutes or so. Movies I can't only half pay attention to while I do other things. Reading... well I'm reading an awesome book called "How to be Good" by one of my favorite authors Nick Hornby, and I rarely finish a chapter in a sitting.

I have however put this extra energy to use. I've been getting a lot of writing done the past week. I'm almost to the point where I'm ready to send my "novel" off to some people whom I know will be honest about it and tear it apart.

I've also been working out everyday and have once again dropped my body down to a good 194lbs. (I was at 213 right before I graduated) I'm feeling fit, my fat is disappearing, but I'm also giving myself more energy, which in turn creates more of these problems.

And lastly, I've finally had the time and energy to talk to old friends and family more often on the phone. Two weeks ago there was about a 50% chance I would turn my phone on vibrate and leave it in another room only because I was too exhausted to deal with the mental discipline it takes me to focus on the phone conversation. Now I'm catching up with people and its wonderful. The only thing that is going to come back and bite me in the butt is how I'm fairly sure Sal and I have used all if not most of our months minutes by now. Our bill will be outrageous. So please, no phone calls during peak hours for the next couple weeks. Together we can beat the phone companies extra charges.

So after one week of what feels like constant job searching, I've heard nothing back from anyone. I don't expect to this soon, but I am starting to get stir crazy enough to where I've considered working at the one place I hate more than all the others... Wal MART! (Cue dramatic music, and you might want to gasp in fear while reading it)

We'll see what happens. I'll update you all.

Have a wonderful Father's Day!