Friday, October 31, 2008

A Christmas List: For Those That Care

I've been approached by several parties now for a Christmas list... incidentally I found a new purpose of this blog. So, published, the 2009 Edition of Dan's Christmas List. I suggest anyone using this list post that they are using it so as not to get me repeat gifts. You can all talk to each other.

Xbox 360 Games
Call of Duty: World at War****
Fable 2****
Dead Space*****
Darkstalker ***
Alone in the Dark V ***
Lego Indiana Jones ****
The Bourne Conspiracy ***

Playstation 2 Games
The Punisher ****
Fatal Frame ***
Silent Hill 3 *****
Silent Hill 4: The Room ***

Playstation 1 Games
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis ****
Final Fantasy VII ***
Silent Hill *****
Ape Escape ****

Xbox Games
Doom 3 ****

Computer Games
Age of Empires 3 *****
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic ****
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 ****

Nintendo DS Games
Chrono Trigger***
Advance Wars: Days of Ruin****

The Know-It-All- A.J. Jacobs
The Bourne Supremacy- Robert Ludlam
The Bourne Ultimatum- Robert Ludlam
The Last Watch-Sergei Lukyanenko
Dearly Devoted Dexter- Jeff Lindsay
Dexter in the Dark- Jeff Lindsay

Gift Certificates:
Game Crazy *****
Best Buy ****
EB Games/Gamestop ****
Barnes and Noble ****
Ebay *****

Friday, October 24, 2008

Excuses and Updates

It's been about two and a half weeks since my last posting and I half expected someone to nag me since I'm constantly nagging others about their infrequent updates. Well this blog will be titled "Excuses and Updates" because that will be the main content.

It's been close to a month since Sallie and I have had a weekend where nothing is planned, we aren't driving anywhere, and no one is coming to visit. This weekend isn't much different. I wouldn't mind so much, but I've been pulling 10 hour days and Sallie essentially has with her boring job and driving. Next weekend we're locking ourselves inside and not talking to anyone.

Two weekends ago I moved my dad out. He's now in Arizona skipping this whole Missouri nastiness that is the "am I autumn or summer" season. The dogs love it and he seems to have high hopes about getting his business going.

Last weekend Sallie and I moved 95% of our stuff from 6pm on Friday until 6pm on Saturday. It took about 2 cargo vans, 3 pickup truck, and 3 car loads worth of booty to get all of our stuff here. Nothing broke. Very little was lost. And our apartment is amazing. We are proud of where we live. It's different from our Myrtle Beach apartment which felt very temporary the entire time we were there. This one feels like somewhere we could be for a couple years.

Our cats are in ridiculously great moods. It's been so long since either of them has had sunshine hitting their flea ridden coats. Crash actually allows us to pet her. She plays with us. Its a cat we haven't seen since we first left Columbia almost a year ago.

Slider is still a little sh*t. However, he's a little sh*t like when we first got him. You're mad at him, but then he's cute and kisses your nose so he gets away with it. He's actually been snuggling between Sallie and I in bed and sleeping the entire night through.

My job is still going pretty well. I'm learning a ton about computers. I'm making new friends. And yesterday I talked to a broker from New York who called everyone that set up his computer before "coconuts." Who does that anymore? It worked for this guy. I'm switching strictly to the home office side of my job. Essentially I'm going to be several steps ahead of the rest of the help desk which is good for job security.

Today I walked home from work for the first time. It wasn't a horrible walk. Took about an hour and 20 minutes. The sucky thing about the walk was the freezing rain and hail I was hit with the first 20 minutes. Then the hour of walking in heavy cold winds. Not fun. I still feel cold. The podcasts I loaded on my Ipod last night didn't take. Everytime I started one, it went back to the menu. Lameville.

Solution: I listened to my own podcast (go to to download them) for the entire walk. And smiled the entire way.

Currently I'm reading a book called "Year of Living Biblically." This book is awesome. Essentially the author reads several versions of the bible, makes a list of rules from the bible, and for a year tries to live according to the bibles rule literally. It's a humorous take on some of the more ridiculous... and some of the less ridiculous rules of the bible in modern society. It's a good bathroom read to say the least.

Other than what I've written I've literally been working and sleeping all the time. Even though I've cut all the driving out of my life, I haven't gained any extra time yet. Hopefully things will clear up in the coming weeks.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Word of the day is... Intriguing

Well we finally did it. Matt joined our Podcast and besides the 1 hour of troubling sound issues and Neil's sound being really low compared to the rest of us, it came out really well.

If you want to listen/download go to our website (

The site is coming together really well. It's something I would frequent the site often even if I weren't one of the authors.

Anyway, Sallie and I are counting down the day when we have our own place. Being able to get to work so quickly will be key in my future happiness. Assuming we get approved, the place we will be living is quite awesome. You will all have to come and see it.

My dad is moving to Phoenix this weekend. He's nervous and excited at the same time. I honestly don't think he knows what he's feeling right now. I don't think he'll know until he gets there. I'm glad he's doing something for himself though.

Work has been crazy. Obviously the stock market has been crashing day after day. Brokers are not happy. There's a fairly plausible rumor going around that if the deal for Wachovia goes the way it looks like it will, Wells Fargo will buy us. This is good for the Brokers, bad for the help desk. Apparently Wells Fargo has a home office help desk here in St. Louis already. More than likely they would cut us Wachovia folk before their own. So pray that I don't once again lose my job.

Sallie is finally getting some feedback from some of these places. It's been seemingly months since she's last heard from one of them. It just doesn't seem professional to keep a person waiting 6 weeks for a second interview. She's actually more excited about two other interviews she had this week, so screw them slackers... unless they're going to pay her mucho dinero. Then they are my best friends and I will invite them over for dinner.

On the gaming front... Sallie has been begging me to play this game Castle Crashers. We're going to break our month long "Him VS Her" silence with this one I think. I've been playing this game called Silent Hill. It's destroyed my life because its so freakin' hard. I actually started the game over on easy.

We're currently watching a movie called "Winter Passing." It's pretty good so far. Basically its about this coke-head girl is approached by a publishing company. They want to buy her father's memoirs. (He's a famous author) She goes back home to get them and finds that he has two new room mates. (Both strange, but one of them is Will Ferrell so you know they are awesome.)I'm a bit more than half way through the movie and I can't help but remain intrigued.

Today I got a random Wikipedia article about the radical left-wing group called "The Weathermen." Its an intriguing article with a lot of even more intriguing links. I suggest if you have time to burn and want to read about the radical anti-war movement of the late 60s, read it.

So basically I've got two fun filled moving weekends ahead of me. Hopefully work doesn't destroy me in between. Once we have our place, we are considering having some sort of housewarming party.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

New apartment and old toys

Sallie and I have decided its time to move out. So in two-three weeks, we are moving out of my mom's basement and into a sweet 1,000 square foot apartment a block from Tower Grove Park.

Really we just want some space of our own. We haven't had it in a while. Honestly, I just want to be able to play videogames while Sallie sleeps. I can't do that right now because our TV is only three feet from the bed in our sheet fort.

I was gathering all of our belongings today so we could see about how many car loads it might take to get everything from point A to B. Doing this I came across my two GIANT Star Wars toy boxes.

I don't remember the last time I was as excited as I was going through my boxes of happiness. (Apparently a mouse thought it was his personal box of happiness too and left do-do all over my toys in one of the boxes.)

I had entire card collections, all the micromachines, about two dozen of the action figures, and about two hundred dollars worth of toys I never took out of the packaging. That's right, no matter how much 1999 Dan wanted to play with Luke in his Dagobah Fatigues, he left the figure in there. 1999 Dan knew that the Hasbro figures with the orange lightsaber backing were the original rerelease run and are much rarer than the green lightsaber backed figures.

I have every intention of selling this one day for a ton of profit, but for right now 2008 Dan wants to play Boba Fett vs Darth Vader with 1999 Dan.

On top of all the rearranging I put about 20 items up on Ebay hoping to scrap together some "pay off debt" cash before we move. I'm trying to get my guitar amp up on Craigslist, but apparently my pictures made my ad too large... so instead of letting me delete one picture, it deleted everything I had written. Tomorrow I will get that up there.