Friday, October 24, 2008

Excuses and Updates

It's been about two and a half weeks since my last posting and I half expected someone to nag me since I'm constantly nagging others about their infrequent updates. Well this blog will be titled "Excuses and Updates" because that will be the main content.

It's been close to a month since Sallie and I have had a weekend where nothing is planned, we aren't driving anywhere, and no one is coming to visit. This weekend isn't much different. I wouldn't mind so much, but I've been pulling 10 hour days and Sallie essentially has with her boring job and driving. Next weekend we're locking ourselves inside and not talking to anyone.

Two weekends ago I moved my dad out. He's now in Arizona skipping this whole Missouri nastiness that is the "am I autumn or summer" season. The dogs love it and he seems to have high hopes about getting his business going.

Last weekend Sallie and I moved 95% of our stuff from 6pm on Friday until 6pm on Saturday. It took about 2 cargo vans, 3 pickup truck, and 3 car loads worth of booty to get all of our stuff here. Nothing broke. Very little was lost. And our apartment is amazing. We are proud of where we live. It's different from our Myrtle Beach apartment which felt very temporary the entire time we were there. This one feels like somewhere we could be for a couple years.

Our cats are in ridiculously great moods. It's been so long since either of them has had sunshine hitting their flea ridden coats. Crash actually allows us to pet her. She plays with us. Its a cat we haven't seen since we first left Columbia almost a year ago.

Slider is still a little sh*t. However, he's a little sh*t like when we first got him. You're mad at him, but then he's cute and kisses your nose so he gets away with it. He's actually been snuggling between Sallie and I in bed and sleeping the entire night through.

My job is still going pretty well. I'm learning a ton about computers. I'm making new friends. And yesterday I talked to a broker from New York who called everyone that set up his computer before "coconuts." Who does that anymore? It worked for this guy. I'm switching strictly to the home office side of my job. Essentially I'm going to be several steps ahead of the rest of the help desk which is good for job security.

Today I walked home from work for the first time. It wasn't a horrible walk. Took about an hour and 20 minutes. The sucky thing about the walk was the freezing rain and hail I was hit with the first 20 minutes. Then the hour of walking in heavy cold winds. Not fun. I still feel cold. The podcasts I loaded on my Ipod last night didn't take. Everytime I started one, it went back to the menu. Lameville.

Solution: I listened to my own podcast (go to to download them) for the entire walk. And smiled the entire way.

Currently I'm reading a book called "Year of Living Biblically." This book is awesome. Essentially the author reads several versions of the bible, makes a list of rules from the bible, and for a year tries to live according to the bibles rule literally. It's a humorous take on some of the more ridiculous... and some of the less ridiculous rules of the bible in modern society. It's a good bathroom read to say the least.

Other than what I've written I've literally been working and sleeping all the time. Even though I've cut all the driving out of my life, I haven't gained any extra time yet. Hopefully things will clear up in the coming weeks.