Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So basically yesterday the stock market took a plummet into hell and brokers everywhere freaked out. As of right now, this won't affect me. Down the line... who knows. Managers are freaking out, seasoned vets are sending off their resumes, and I'm just thinking, "I hope I get a couple more paychecks."

Understandably today many of the brokers were on edge and not so pleasant to deal with.

The one thing keeping my spirit up was one of my favorite video game franchises released the newest episode in the saga.

My favorite game franchises in order:
1. Resident Evil
2. Metal Gear Solid
3. Silent Hill

Silent Hill Homecoming was supposed to come out today. I asked my wife if she could accept the mission of getting this game whilst I slaved away on the battlefield known as The Stock Market.

Best Buy hadn't received their shipment. EB Games (the jerks that they are) said they were clean out/didn't have any, even though I'm sure the bastards had 30 copies in the back. (EB Games is known for selling games earlier than release date, holding extra copies only because you didn't pre-order, and not holding the game when you do pre-order. Yes I'm bitter, only because I've been screwed by them before)

Basically I came home after a long day wanting to regress into the scariest nightmare (in video game form), kill some people/creatures (in video game form), and shoot guns. (Both video game form and real life) None of this happened.

I'm not going to say I had a not so great night because in all actuality it was a good night. It just wasn't a Silent Hill night. Now I'm reading reviews, some of them good, some of them mediocre, and I'm jealous that I'm not one of the people playing this game and thinking, "Ehh, it could be better, but its still Silent Hill and I love this."

So for the sake of my sanity, please pray and hope, that Sallie can take my birthday gift cards to any of the above retailers and score me a copy.

Also she's looking for apartments and jobs in the coming days, hope and pray about that too.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Debates: A Schoolyard Name Calling Game

So last night apparently there was this little thing that happens every four years in America called the presidential debate. I didn't watch this so called debate because I was at The Taste of St. Louis, but from what I've read, I didn't miss anything.

The last round of debates in 2004 got people all riled up. The first round was almost uncontested taken by John Kerry catapulting his approval rating among voters into a sure-fire win. Then after two more rounds... well voters got bored, and much to the surprise of everyone in Columbia Missouri, John Kerry lost, Bush won, and the world was going to end.

From what I've read, last night was far from the epic event the debates were last year. McCain desperately tried to distance himself from Bush. (Probably because now the Bush administration might be bringing on the end of the world) Obama tried to play that up.

No publication declared a clear victor. You had FOX news saying McCain was on the offense all night. CNN said something along the lines of McCain needing a clear victory, but didn't achieve it.

Essentially, this debate turned into a "You're no better than George Bush" "Oh yeah, well your an out of touch liberal" name calling match.

Honestly I think this is one of the first elections where the Vice Presidential nominee matters more than the Presidential.

McCain is something like 72 years old. If elected, he would be going into the White House when he's 73. Looking at past presidents (Bush SR., Clinton, Bush Jr.) you see them go in looking like an attractive 40-50 year old, and they come out looking like 80 year olds. Basically you age dog years when your president. That would mean coming out of the White House, McCain would be 103 year old. More than likely, no matter how fit the man is, he's not going to make it.

Obama is a black man that has an unfortunate middle name (Hussein) that countless forwarded emails grab a hold of calling him a terrorist. 50+ years after the end of segregation, a large portion of the American population sadly can't accept an intelligent, thoughtful black man as their leader. I believe there have already been attempts on Obama's life, and those probably won't stop once he's in the White House. The secret service will have their work cut out protecting him. Its unfortunate, but look at other strong black leaders of the past. (Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X)

I'm not going to get into what I think about the VP candidates, but I think for the most part Americans like one over the other by a fairly large population. I can kind of already see what the outcome would be if the election were next week. However, this is American politics. The Bush administration isn't done bringing us into debt, Wall Street isn't done shooting themselves in the foot, terrorists pop out of the woodwork every week, and we start stuff with a new country every month. So many things can change from now to then.

I'm still registered in South Carolina, and I might stay registered there just so I have an excuse not to vote.

Monday, September 22, 2008

6.9 billion Lonely People

There are an estimated 6.9 billion people in the world today. Over crowding and over population run rampant. Why does it seem that everyone of those people are lonely?

My guess is my beloved technology has a lot to do with it. Instead of meeting people out at clubs or bars, people hide behind miles of cable and firewalls. Instead of giving a smile and head nod to a stranger people furiously dial the five or six numbers in their cell phone that they actually talk to.

Even businesses rely on computers to do everything from hiring to firing. People like my wife patiently wait two months for a guaranteed second interview because the companies computers went down. Hundreds of horrible employees remain on because bosses are too scared to properly terminate or are too lazy to hand the pink slip to the horrible employee.

People deal with the loneliness in different ways.
Some drink four or five too many drinks to forget they are going home alone.
Some sit in a dark place, whether literal or figurative, crying.
Some hide behind technology.
Some accept being around people they don't really care for, only to have faces in proximity.
Some replace relationships with drugs, sex with porn, and talking with television.

Its obvious that this digital world doesn't allow the same rules that applied to our grandparents for social enjoyment. Largely my parent's generation started proving this. Millions of couples stay together in silence and contempt, while millions of others realize they made a mistake years ago.

So how do you make friends and loved ones when everything else can be downloaded and delivered?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Podcasts and Demo Derbys

So we've purchased a domain for our little website thing. Neil is working on that right now, hopefully we have some beta version up soon. Matt actually came up with the clever if not somewhat vulgar name, Circuit Jerk. If you don't know what that means then I'll tell you when you're older... and only if children and grandparents aren't around.

Neil and I did our dry run of the first Media Whore podcast last night. It went pretty well. There's a link over at the Media Whore blog. Just click the link to the right if you want to listen. We had a blast doing it. Talked about Metallica, Dead Rising, zombies, fan boys, and old videogame collections. I think it turned out really well. There were a couple of sound issues, but largely I think we have that under control. Let us know what you think.

So work is still going great. I'm getting on the phone a little next week to strictly do password resets. Then the week after I go live. I'm ready to get it done with.

Yesterday we did printer training and we were working with a 25 year old printer that apparently very important to these branches. The thing didn't have a menu on it. Instead there were blinking lights and to see what they meant the printer chewed out a listing of the menus and you had to push buttons in certain sequences hoping to god you didn't just set the printer into German mode. It was like reading Spanish hieroglyphics... seriously.

Tomorrow Sallie and I are hitting up the demolition derby. That's right... demolition derby. A good friend of mine and a person or two from work are going. So put on your NASCAR hats, get that Busch camo-can out, and let's go to the race.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Things have still been extremely busy.

My review blog has been a success thus far. I seem to be getting as much if not more traffic and currently have three other reviewers working on it. (Matt, Neil, and Joe) Neil and I are going to do a test run podcast on Thursday night and will hopefully have it up by Friday. If it works out well, and our schedules permit, everyone will hopefully be on the cast soon.

We are also working on a low key site to post our reviews, podcasts, news, and profiles. So far the only issue keeping this dream dead is... well we can't figure out a good name. Media Whore and Fell in Love with Tech are both taken domains. If anyone has a good name idea, we will give you front page credits.

Work is still going great. I'm learning a lot, but can't wait to be done with training. It's time for me to go live SON!

Next weekend is the Taste of St. Louis which Sallie and I are both extremely excited about. Food is such a great thing. Supposedly Everclear is playing on Friday night. Yes, somehow they are still around and rocking hard. I saw them at the Blue Note two years ago and it was like seeing depression on stage.

At the time the lead singer's band had quit, his label dropped him, he was getting a divorce, and most in attendance were only there to see the freak show. The singer later got into a fight at a local diner with a frat boy hours after the show because he was so drunk. Here's to hoping we get a repeat show!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Assassinating my heart

Why is it that pretty much every movie about assassins is amazing?

Tonight Sallie and I were watching "In Bruges" (per suggestions by Matt and Netflix) which is about two assassins that have to go into hiding because one of them kills someone he's not supposed to. The movie was awesome and hilarious and has further proved movies about assassins are awesome.

You also have "The Matador" starring Pierce Brosnan.Its the only other film besides "Golden Eye" that he is awesome in.

Then everyone's favorite "The Professional." Men everywhere had a strange attraction to a then pre-teen Natalie Portman. Little did we all know in a few years she'd be the only person in the Star Wars universe that could briefly make us forget Leia in the slave costume. The movie is just awesome. There's no other way to describe the two hours of crooked cops, cut-throat assassins, and tween assassins in training.

"Mr. and Mrs. Smith" surprised us all when Angelina Jolie actually chose a great movie role. It's clever, thousands of bullets are fired, and endless streams of nameless assassins get slaughtered in a department store. What more can you really ask for?

Lastly one of my favorite movies of all time (possibly top 5) "Gross Pointe Blank" starring the man, John Cusack. Not only is this movie in the same category as comedies like "Ghostbusters," but the fights are all really awesome. I know I've said awesome about 14,000 times in this blog, but they really are cool. Where else can you see Dan Ackroid shoot it out with Cusack?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Bermuda Triangle and Rocking Out

It seems my new review site is fairly popular thus far. If you haven't checked it out yet I've already posted two reviews. (Itunes and Smodcast) I believe my brother-in-law (or rather brother-in-soul) will be joining my staff and together we will determine what all of you should or shouldn't like. If you haven't check it out yet, click the link to the right, Mediawhore.

I've been given a nickname at work, Danimal. I like it and am actually surprised no one has ever called me that before. I got the name becuase last week when I was so wedding-lagged I didn't talk much. When I started talking though, things got crazy. (Or so that's how the legend goes)

I've also discovered that one $40 tie can look like 5-6 different ties depending on the background its against. I only own one tie until I get paid and I've been wearing it with different shirts. It was only today that one of the girls I was working with asked if it was the same tie. She said she barely noticed except I'm constantly playing with it. (That tie is a noose to me)

I also dealt with one of my first pre-angered customers. We put the phone on mute while we were fixing his computer and I guess he thought he was on hold. He started calling us help-desk guys useless, stupid, and used a lot of four letters words to express his feelings. He then sighed deeply into the phone for three minutes until he finally made his secretary come over and listen for us while he did other things. She then sighed deeply for three minutes.

The guy I was training with waited for the angry guy to come back and call us more names, and in the middle of him saying we were pieces of trash, my trainer clicked back and said "Alright sir, I've fixed your computer. Is there anything else I can do for you?" The broker was caught off gaurd and then mumbled "no, thank you" and hung up. I can't wait to have angry customers of my own.

Today was I was stuck in traffic on the way home. When there is an accident that causes traffic you get worked up until you see what happened and then you pray no one got hurt. When you spend 25 minutes in traffic and find nothing at the other end, that rage grows.

Luckily, before I hit a person with my brother's car, Weezer's "Tired of Sex" came on the Ipod. I don't care what you think, "Tired of Sex" rocks harder than almost any other song created. I sang at the top of my lungs, listened to it twice, and yes I was caught by the car next to me rocking out hard on the air drums.

And the last thought I leave you with: "Why doesn't anyone get lost in the Bermuda Triangle anymore?" Is it because my generations sense of adventure isn't there? Is it because we got smarter and realized we should stay away from an area of ocean where hundreds of people have gone missing?" Or is it pure laziness?

Monday, September 8, 2008

A quick Update

So I officially have finished the first work week worth of work at Wachovia. (That's a lot of W's) Its going really well. I love my co-workers as they are all A) Indie/punk rock kids with tattoos or B) Super nerds that get pure enjoyment out of trying to get past security so they can install Google Chrome. I tend to think I fall right in the middle of those catagories and therefore fit in with more than half the staff.

I've already learned a ton of things, but some areas I need to brush up on are: run commands, command prompt commands (such as pinging), and some active directory. Hopefully all of this will sort of come to me as I awkwardly stumble my way through my first couple weeks of being on my own.

I recently got contacts because for the first time in my life I need glasses full time. My glasses have been bent beyond use (thanks Sallie) and scratched for months now and I figured its time I just accept it and take the plunge to contacts. I went to Wal Mart because I don't have insurance and the extremely nice doctor (who always has hard salami breath) prescribed some for me before the wedding. Unfortunately (and like always) I presented something he has never seen before and had some sort of negative reaction to the first kind of contacts, but not the second. He's baffled because they are made from the same material. Anyway, I'm wearing my second pair right now and they are comfortable and I can see better usually, but right now my right eye is blurry as can be. So if there are a lot of typos in this you know why.

And lastly, I think I'm going to start a third blog now. This blog is going to be reviews of movies, games, applications, or CDs I feel are worthy to discuss. I'm doing this mostly becuase I want to talk about some sort of media on here, but know not everyone on my email list wants to get hit with those. So I'm going to put them in a separate entity and put a link to it on my blog page. If you really want to be set up for email alerts I can hook that up too. Just let me know.

PS There will be a new "Pop Culture for the Inexperienced" up either later tonight or tomorrow. I've finally got Sallie writing some again and for once its just waiting on my added comments. Thanks for your patience, faithful fans.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First day of being a big person

Today was my first day and I want to go to sleep.

It takes an hour and twenty minutes to get to work in the morning. Going an alternate route home it takes an hour. All in all, this makes my work day longer than 10 hours. I just don't have that many podcasts to fill my life.

The four other people I'm training with are very cool. One guy is an electrical engineer with no computer experience, another guy knows people there and probably knows a little more than I do, and a forth girl probably knows equal amounts as me and is a little alternative punk chick. The fifth guy is more or less the more handsome doppelganger of me.

He has tattoos on his knuckles, rockstar hair, and it just that guy you want to know. Why are we the same person? Here is a list.
-Both fairly recently married
-Both hate wearing our rings and want to just get them tattooed
-Both into the music scene
-Both worked similar IT jobs before
-Both wore the EXACT same shirt today
-Both parked right next to each other in the giant parking lot.

Tomorrow I will see if he brings the same thing for lunch.

As for the job, I think its going to be pretty laid back and cool. The managers are saying our dress code might turn to bluejeans and polo shirts. Right now we have brokers coming in from all over the country training on new software, so the appearance of us has to be a little better. They also said there's a chance it could swing the other way and we might end up business professional. In which case I need to get more ties. (Three Stooges and Keyboard ties probably)

Tattoos are alright if visible. One guy even has a mohawk. So I can wear short-sleeves with is a plus.

We did the normal customer service thing i.e. don't call the customers idiots for two hours.

Then we took an hour tour of this massive building. I've been in airports smaller than this place. It has three cafeterias, a Kaldis coffee, 24 gym, learning center, multiple balconies, floors, and buildings. For the rest of the day, my group of five never left each others sites for fear of disappearing into the abyss.

We had an hour and fifteen minute lunch, during which we ate for 15 minutes and started getting extremely sleepy.

After lunch we sat with someone while they answered phone calls. I got someone that is technically two positions higher than I will be once I'm trained. He barely remembers most the stuff I will be doing, and tried his best at training me. I didn't get to listen to any phone calls or really see how things work.

I will have my own huge desk which will be awesome. I guess I really just want to be a month into the job (technically 2 months away) and not needing massive amounts of help.

I'm freaking tired. I've realized that I will not be able to accomplish anything during the week since my day is so long with commute. So for the next month, don't expect much out of me.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Billy Idol would've been proud

The wedding went wonderful. Even though I absolutely hate that kind of attention on me (just look at any blog written on July 26th) I got through it with no nervousness. I guess the most awkward thing was having to hug and kiss people I didn't know. I met 120 people, I remember 50 of them.

Even though there was some shadiness with the staff, the ceremony looked great, the bridal party looked better, and then of course the bride looked the best.

The food was great, the drinks were sub-par until we bothered the bartenders, and the music was exactly what we asked for... sorta.

All in all though, it was fun. I loved hanging out with everyone again and smoking cigars with just about every man on the premise. (And a few ladies) I actually danced and once enough shots were in me tried to bust open a pirate pinata. (It took four tries and I almost cracked my head open on the flower bed)

Thanks to Zak, Eric, Cory, and Matt for not screwing up and looking damn good in those tuxes. I would drive to any city in Missouri to be in any of your weddings. (Probably Kentucky too)

Thanks to Beth, Beth II, Mary, and Lacy for looking oh so hot in those dresses.

Cory and Matt for pulling off two very obviously impromtu speeches. They were hilarious.

Thanks to the parents to pulling this thing off.

Allan and Becca for flying across the country for this. I wish we got to hang out more, but Sallie wants to come to Salt Lake someday. I think I sold her on the brine flies.

Zak and Lindsay for traveling across several boring parts of the country. It was great to see you again.

Amanda for getting out of Mississippi and seeing me for the first time since October.

Everyone that used up their Labor Day weekend to drive to Cape. It was the most fun I've ever had at a wedding.

The guy that drove by in the alleyway blaring Nickleback during our ceremony. Its just not love without Chad Kroger.

Our drunken D.J. that taught us that you can be 45 and still do the same job you did in highschool.

No one had a hangover afterwords... everyone had allergies. Go figure.

Wedding Awards:
Most dedication- Rob Brown for coming across the pond from Britain to be an usher
Best dancing (Male)- Eric, for proving that some white boys can dance.
Best dancing (Female)- The Marler women, for tearing up the dance floor instead of taking shots.
Best formal-wear knowledge- Rob Brown for explaining everything to us and Lindsay Baish for making sure that we had our ties on right.
Least prepared to drive afterwords- Jake Foster for getting in, pulling forward, and getting out. "I need a ride."
Most Drunk- The wedding party+ Matt's friends. We almost drank for the 100 people Papa Hickle paid for.
Song of the Night- Queen "Don't Stop Me Now," Madonna "Like a Prayer," and Weezer "Buddy Holly."
Quickest Beer to go- The 24 Boulevard drinks

There you have it, until we decide to get married a third time. Be looking for those invites come December.

BTW, I start my job tomorrow. I'll update all of you tomorrow.