Monday, September 8, 2008

A quick Update

So I officially have finished the first work week worth of work at Wachovia. (That's a lot of W's) Its going really well. I love my co-workers as they are all A) Indie/punk rock kids with tattoos or B) Super nerds that get pure enjoyment out of trying to get past security so they can install Google Chrome. I tend to think I fall right in the middle of those catagories and therefore fit in with more than half the staff.

I've already learned a ton of things, but some areas I need to brush up on are: run commands, command prompt commands (such as pinging), and some active directory. Hopefully all of this will sort of come to me as I awkwardly stumble my way through my first couple weeks of being on my own.

I recently got contacts because for the first time in my life I need glasses full time. My glasses have been bent beyond use (thanks Sallie) and scratched for months now and I figured its time I just accept it and take the plunge to contacts. I went to Wal Mart because I don't have insurance and the extremely nice doctor (who always has hard salami breath) prescribed some for me before the wedding. Unfortunately (and like always) I presented something he has never seen before and had some sort of negative reaction to the first kind of contacts, but not the second. He's baffled because they are made from the same material. Anyway, I'm wearing my second pair right now and they are comfortable and I can see better usually, but right now my right eye is blurry as can be. So if there are a lot of typos in this you know why.

And lastly, I think I'm going to start a third blog now. This blog is going to be reviews of movies, games, applications, or CDs I feel are worthy to discuss. I'm doing this mostly becuase I want to talk about some sort of media on here, but know not everyone on my email list wants to get hit with those. So I'm going to put them in a separate entity and put a link to it on my blog page. If you really want to be set up for email alerts I can hook that up too. Just let me know.

PS There will be a new "Pop Culture for the Inexperienced" up either later tonight or tomorrow. I've finally got Sallie writing some again and for once its just waiting on my added comments. Thanks for your patience, faithful fans.