Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Things have still been extremely busy.

My review blog has been a success thus far. I seem to be getting as much if not more traffic and currently have three other reviewers working on it. (Matt, Neil, and Joe) Neil and I are going to do a test run podcast on Thursday night and will hopefully have it up by Friday. If it works out well, and our schedules permit, everyone will hopefully be on the cast soon.

We are also working on a low key site to post our reviews, podcasts, news, and profiles. So far the only issue keeping this dream dead is... well we can't figure out a good name. Media Whore and Fell in Love with Tech are both taken domains. If anyone has a good name idea, we will give you front page credits.

Work is still going great. I'm learning a lot, but can't wait to be done with training. It's time for me to go live SON!

Next weekend is the Taste of St. Louis which Sallie and I are both extremely excited about. Food is such a great thing. Supposedly Everclear is playing on Friday night. Yes, somehow they are still around and rocking hard. I saw them at the Blue Note two years ago and it was like seeing depression on stage.

At the time the lead singer's band had quit, his label dropped him, he was getting a divorce, and most in attendance were only there to see the freak show. The singer later got into a fight at a local diner with a frat boy hours after the show because he was so drunk. Here's to hoping we get a repeat show!