Friday, September 19, 2008

Podcasts and Demo Derbys

So we've purchased a domain for our little website thing. Neil is working on that right now, hopefully we have some beta version up soon. Matt actually came up with the clever if not somewhat vulgar name, Circuit Jerk. If you don't know what that means then I'll tell you when you're older... and only if children and grandparents aren't around.

Neil and I did our dry run of the first Media Whore podcast last night. It went pretty well. There's a link over at the Media Whore blog. Just click the link to the right if you want to listen. We had a blast doing it. Talked about Metallica, Dead Rising, zombies, fan boys, and old videogame collections. I think it turned out really well. There were a couple of sound issues, but largely I think we have that under control. Let us know what you think.

So work is still going great. I'm getting on the phone a little next week to strictly do password resets. Then the week after I go live. I'm ready to get it done with.

Yesterday we did printer training and we were working with a 25 year old printer that apparently very important to these branches. The thing didn't have a menu on it. Instead there were blinking lights and to see what they meant the printer chewed out a listing of the menus and you had to push buttons in certain sequences hoping to god you didn't just set the printer into German mode. It was like reading Spanish hieroglyphics... seriously.

Tomorrow Sallie and I are hitting up the demolition derby. That's right... demolition derby. A good friend of mine and a person or two from work are going. So put on your NASCAR hats, get that Busch camo-can out, and let's go to the race.