Monday, September 1, 2008

Billy Idol would've been proud

The wedding went wonderful. Even though I absolutely hate that kind of attention on me (just look at any blog written on July 26th) I got through it with no nervousness. I guess the most awkward thing was having to hug and kiss people I didn't know. I met 120 people, I remember 50 of them.

Even though there was some shadiness with the staff, the ceremony looked great, the bridal party looked better, and then of course the bride looked the best.

The food was great, the drinks were sub-par until we bothered the bartenders, and the music was exactly what we asked for... sorta.

All in all though, it was fun. I loved hanging out with everyone again and smoking cigars with just about every man on the premise. (And a few ladies) I actually danced and once enough shots were in me tried to bust open a pirate pinata. (It took four tries and I almost cracked my head open on the flower bed)

Thanks to Zak, Eric, Cory, and Matt for not screwing up and looking damn good in those tuxes. I would drive to any city in Missouri to be in any of your weddings. (Probably Kentucky too)

Thanks to Beth, Beth II, Mary, and Lacy for looking oh so hot in those dresses.

Cory and Matt for pulling off two very obviously impromtu speeches. They were hilarious.

Thanks to the parents to pulling this thing off.

Allan and Becca for flying across the country for this. I wish we got to hang out more, but Sallie wants to come to Salt Lake someday. I think I sold her on the brine flies.

Zak and Lindsay for traveling across several boring parts of the country. It was great to see you again.

Amanda for getting out of Mississippi and seeing me for the first time since October.

Everyone that used up their Labor Day weekend to drive to Cape. It was the most fun I've ever had at a wedding.

The guy that drove by in the alleyway blaring Nickleback during our ceremony. Its just not love without Chad Kroger.

Our drunken D.J. that taught us that you can be 45 and still do the same job you did in highschool.

No one had a hangover afterwords... everyone had allergies. Go figure.

Wedding Awards:
Most dedication- Rob Brown for coming across the pond from Britain to be an usher
Best dancing (Male)- Eric, for proving that some white boys can dance.
Best dancing (Female)- The Marler women, for tearing up the dance floor instead of taking shots.
Best formal-wear knowledge- Rob Brown for explaining everything to us and Lindsay Baish for making sure that we had our ties on right.
Least prepared to drive afterwords- Jake Foster for getting in, pulling forward, and getting out. "I need a ride."
Most Drunk- The wedding party+ Matt's friends. We almost drank for the 100 people Papa Hickle paid for.
Song of the Night- Queen "Don't Stop Me Now," Madonna "Like a Prayer," and Weezer "Buddy Holly."
Quickest Beer to go- The 24 Boulevard drinks

There you have it, until we decide to get married a third time. Be looking for those invites come December.

BTW, I start my job tomorrow. I'll update all of you tomorrow.

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Becca said...

Any time you want to come, we are happy to have you. You may want to avoid February. Chances are good that month will be hectic. But you can come anytime before or after if you want to meet the prodigy. I hear the brine flies are particular rank in July.

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