Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Bermuda Triangle and Rocking Out

It seems my new review site is fairly popular thus far. If you haven't checked it out yet I've already posted two reviews. (Itunes and Smodcast) I believe my brother-in-law (or rather brother-in-soul) will be joining my staff and together we will determine what all of you should or shouldn't like. If you haven't check it out yet, click the link to the right, Mediawhore.

I've been given a nickname at work, Danimal. I like it and am actually surprised no one has ever called me that before. I got the name becuase last week when I was so wedding-lagged I didn't talk much. When I started talking though, things got crazy. (Or so that's how the legend goes)

I've also discovered that one $40 tie can look like 5-6 different ties depending on the background its against. I only own one tie until I get paid and I've been wearing it with different shirts. It was only today that one of the girls I was working with asked if it was the same tie. She said she barely noticed except I'm constantly playing with it. (That tie is a noose to me)

I also dealt with one of my first pre-angered customers. We put the phone on mute while we were fixing his computer and I guess he thought he was on hold. He started calling us help-desk guys useless, stupid, and used a lot of four letters words to express his feelings. He then sighed deeply into the phone for three minutes until he finally made his secretary come over and listen for us while he did other things. She then sighed deeply for three minutes.

The guy I was training with waited for the angry guy to come back and call us more names, and in the middle of him saying we were pieces of trash, my trainer clicked back and said "Alright sir, I've fixed your computer. Is there anything else I can do for you?" The broker was caught off gaurd and then mumbled "no, thank you" and hung up. I can't wait to have angry customers of my own.

Today was I was stuck in traffic on the way home. When there is an accident that causes traffic you get worked up until you see what happened and then you pray no one got hurt. When you spend 25 minutes in traffic and find nothing at the other end, that rage grows.

Luckily, before I hit a person with my brother's car, Weezer's "Tired of Sex" came on the Ipod. I don't care what you think, "Tired of Sex" rocks harder than almost any other song created. I sang at the top of my lungs, listened to it twice, and yes I was caught by the car next to me rocking out hard on the air drums.

And the last thought I leave you with: "Why doesn't anyone get lost in the Bermuda Triangle anymore?" Is it because my generations sense of adventure isn't there? Is it because we got smarter and realized we should stay away from an area of ocean where hundreds of people have gone missing?" Or is it pure laziness?