Sunday, September 14, 2008

Assassinating my heart

Why is it that pretty much every movie about assassins is amazing?

Tonight Sallie and I were watching "In Bruges" (per suggestions by Matt and Netflix) which is about two assassins that have to go into hiding because one of them kills someone he's not supposed to. The movie was awesome and hilarious and has further proved movies about assassins are awesome.

You also have "The Matador" starring Pierce Brosnan.Its the only other film besides "Golden Eye" that he is awesome in.

Then everyone's favorite "The Professional." Men everywhere had a strange attraction to a then pre-teen Natalie Portman. Little did we all know in a few years she'd be the only person in the Star Wars universe that could briefly make us forget Leia in the slave costume. The movie is just awesome. There's no other way to describe the two hours of crooked cops, cut-throat assassins, and tween assassins in training.

"Mr. and Mrs. Smith" surprised us all when Angelina Jolie actually chose a great movie role. It's clever, thousands of bullets are fired, and endless streams of nameless assassins get slaughtered in a department store. What more can you really ask for?

Lastly one of my favorite movies of all time (possibly top 5) "Gross Pointe Blank" starring the man, John Cusack. Not only is this movie in the same category as comedies like "Ghostbusters," but the fights are all really awesome. I know I've said awesome about 14,000 times in this blog, but they really are cool. Where else can you see Dan Ackroid shoot it out with Cusack?