Saturday, September 27, 2008

Debates: A Schoolyard Name Calling Game

So last night apparently there was this little thing that happens every four years in America called the presidential debate. I didn't watch this so called debate because I was at The Taste of St. Louis, but from what I've read, I didn't miss anything.

The last round of debates in 2004 got people all riled up. The first round was almost uncontested taken by John Kerry catapulting his approval rating among voters into a sure-fire win. Then after two more rounds... well voters got bored, and much to the surprise of everyone in Columbia Missouri, John Kerry lost, Bush won, and the world was going to end.

From what I've read, last night was far from the epic event the debates were last year. McCain desperately tried to distance himself from Bush. (Probably because now the Bush administration might be bringing on the end of the world) Obama tried to play that up.

No publication declared a clear victor. You had FOX news saying McCain was on the offense all night. CNN said something along the lines of McCain needing a clear victory, but didn't achieve it.

Essentially, this debate turned into a "You're no better than George Bush" "Oh yeah, well your an out of touch liberal" name calling match.

Honestly I think this is one of the first elections where the Vice Presidential nominee matters more than the Presidential.

McCain is something like 72 years old. If elected, he would be going into the White House when he's 73. Looking at past presidents (Bush SR., Clinton, Bush Jr.) you see them go in looking like an attractive 40-50 year old, and they come out looking like 80 year olds. Basically you age dog years when your president. That would mean coming out of the White House, McCain would be 103 year old. More than likely, no matter how fit the man is, he's not going to make it.

Obama is a black man that has an unfortunate middle name (Hussein) that countless forwarded emails grab a hold of calling him a terrorist. 50+ years after the end of segregation, a large portion of the American population sadly can't accept an intelligent, thoughtful black man as their leader. I believe there have already been attempts on Obama's life, and those probably won't stop once he's in the White House. The secret service will have their work cut out protecting him. Its unfortunate, but look at other strong black leaders of the past. (Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X)

I'm not going to get into what I think about the VP candidates, but I think for the most part Americans like one over the other by a fairly large population. I can kind of already see what the outcome would be if the election were next week. However, this is American politics. The Bush administration isn't done bringing us into debt, Wall Street isn't done shooting themselves in the foot, terrorists pop out of the woodwork every week, and we start stuff with a new country every month. So many things can change from now to then.

I'm still registered in South Carolina, and I might stay registered there just so I have an excuse not to vote.

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