Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So basically yesterday the stock market took a plummet into hell and brokers everywhere freaked out. As of right now, this won't affect me. Down the line... who knows. Managers are freaking out, seasoned vets are sending off their resumes, and I'm just thinking, "I hope I get a couple more paychecks."

Understandably today many of the brokers were on edge and not so pleasant to deal with.

The one thing keeping my spirit up was one of my favorite video game franchises released the newest episode in the saga.

My favorite game franchises in order:
1. Resident Evil
2. Metal Gear Solid
3. Silent Hill

Silent Hill Homecoming was supposed to come out today. I asked my wife if she could accept the mission of getting this game whilst I slaved away on the battlefield known as The Stock Market.

Best Buy hadn't received their shipment. EB Games (the jerks that they are) said they were clean out/didn't have any, even though I'm sure the bastards had 30 copies in the back. (EB Games is known for selling games earlier than release date, holding extra copies only because you didn't pre-order, and not holding the game when you do pre-order. Yes I'm bitter, only because I've been screwed by them before)

Basically I came home after a long day wanting to regress into the scariest nightmare (in video game form), kill some people/creatures (in video game form), and shoot guns. (Both video game form and real life) None of this happened.

I'm not going to say I had a not so great night because in all actuality it was a good night. It just wasn't a Silent Hill night. Now I'm reading reviews, some of them good, some of them mediocre, and I'm jealous that I'm not one of the people playing this game and thinking, "Ehh, it could be better, but its still Silent Hill and I love this."

So for the sake of my sanity, please pray and hope, that Sallie can take my birthday gift cards to any of the above retailers and score me a copy.

Also she's looking for apartments and jobs in the coming days, hope and pray about that too.