Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First day of being a big person

Today was my first day and I want to go to sleep.

It takes an hour and twenty minutes to get to work in the morning. Going an alternate route home it takes an hour. All in all, this makes my work day longer than 10 hours. I just don't have that many podcasts to fill my life.

The four other people I'm training with are very cool. One guy is an electrical engineer with no computer experience, another guy knows people there and probably knows a little more than I do, and a forth girl probably knows equal amounts as me and is a little alternative punk chick. The fifth guy is more or less the more handsome doppelganger of me.

He has tattoos on his knuckles, rockstar hair, and it just that guy you want to know. Why are we the same person? Here is a list.
-Both fairly recently married
-Both hate wearing our rings and want to just get them tattooed
-Both into the music scene
-Both worked similar IT jobs before
-Both wore the EXACT same shirt today
-Both parked right next to each other in the giant parking lot.

Tomorrow I will see if he brings the same thing for lunch.

As for the job, I think its going to be pretty laid back and cool. The managers are saying our dress code might turn to bluejeans and polo shirts. Right now we have brokers coming in from all over the country training on new software, so the appearance of us has to be a little better. They also said there's a chance it could swing the other way and we might end up business professional. In which case I need to get more ties. (Three Stooges and Keyboard ties probably)

Tattoos are alright if visible. One guy even has a mohawk. So I can wear short-sleeves with is a plus.

We did the normal customer service thing i.e. don't call the customers idiots for two hours.

Then we took an hour tour of this massive building. I've been in airports smaller than this place. It has three cafeterias, a Kaldis coffee, 24 gym, learning center, multiple balconies, floors, and buildings. For the rest of the day, my group of five never left each others sites for fear of disappearing into the abyss.

We had an hour and fifteen minute lunch, during which we ate for 15 minutes and started getting extremely sleepy.

After lunch we sat with someone while they answered phone calls. I got someone that is technically two positions higher than I will be once I'm trained. He barely remembers most the stuff I will be doing, and tried his best at training me. I didn't get to listen to any phone calls or really see how things work.

I will have my own huge desk which will be awesome. I guess I really just want to be a month into the job (technically 2 months away) and not needing massive amounts of help.

I'm freaking tired. I've realized that I will not be able to accomplish anything during the week since my day is so long with commute. So for the next month, don't expect much out of me.

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