Friday, June 6, 2008

I am the most popular teacher at Lighthouse

Today we had our year end awards ceremony at Lighthouse Care Center. I made out awards to some of the kids like "best performance," "best improvement," "most supportive," and for one kid "typing beast." (He started the semester at about 30 words per minute and ended with 83WPm.)

I didn't know it but I ended up having to give speeches. I just went up, made things up as I went along, and I killed. I had the entire place laughing. I couldn't even try to recite most of it to you right now. Maybe after a day or two of reflection.

The killer part of the day though was when the kids presented awards. None of the teachers knew they were making them, they just did it on their own. My obliviousness showed when I found all the awards had been printed on my computer, during my class period. I had just assumed it was another teach printing them out.

Anyway, I was almost in tears when they called my name out. I was actually under a table trying to fix some wires and I heard my name, totally unexpected, and my head just kind of popped up and looked around frantically for a second and then my natural reaction was to throw a fist pump into the air. Why did I throw a fist pump into the air in response to my award? I don't know, it just felt right. I even heard someone say in the background, "man, he really does steal the show." Anyway, in two and a half short months I won the "Most Popular Teacher Award." I was so happy. Its things like that, that make me want to go back next year.

I will be framing that award so you all can see it when you come and visit.