Monday, June 23, 2008

Like a Wagon Wheel

After all the traveling I've done in the past year I've noticed a couple things.

Your travel partner is one of the toughest choices you can make. For the most part Sallie is a good travel compatriot. She's a conversationalist, she doesn't have to pee every 10 minutes (except for yesterday), and she can take a 14 hour shift in a car. Besides her some times questionable musical taste and her random coma's she falls into, Sallie is a great travel buddy. I am also a great travel buddy. I'm goal oriented so I'm wanting to hit the destination as quickly as possible. It takes a while for me to complain for real. My only downfall is I can sometimes get car sick. this also helps people because as long as I'm in the front seat watching the road, I'm fine, which means I normally volunteer to drive.

What I noticed about states I've traveled through:
Impressed by: Tennessee is actually a beautiful state and fairly easy to drive through even though its about 1,400 miles long. For about 50 miles though, the state is one lane for construction purposes even though there wasn't one construction crew on the side of the road. The state has rolling hills and the foothills of the smokies.

Missouri has actually been missed by me. I never thought I would say it, but the state is fairly solid. It prepares you to live anywhere with its extreme seasons. You have the complete redneck, preparing for the race war, machine gun totting idiots living among the people that make fun of them. (I'm the second type of person before Al Sharpton starts yelling racist.)

States I was underwhelmed/ hated:
Even though I've tried to convince more than a couple friends to move to South Carolina, Sallie losing her job has opened our fantasy world eyes to realize that Myrtle Beach is ugly as sin and the state is horrible to drive through. Half the state is backroads that Googlemaps haven't quite figured out, while the other half is the exact same highway with trees on either side.

Our neighbor Illinois can be burned to the ground. Besides Chicago and Highland (I think I only like this area because I have friends there and you can drink rum from buckets) the rest of Illinois is horrible flooded backroads where the deer roam free ( destroy your car) or there are hundreds of miles of farm land to bore your way through.

North Carolina tries to be Tennessee and South Carolina rolled into one. Its a highway running through the Smokies with trees on either side. I didn't hate it, but it was more of something I had to pass through.