Monday, June 30, 2008

Him VS Her- A Classic Deathmatch

Sallie and I had the brilliant idea to have a joint blog where we comment on things in pop culture such as videogames, movies, TV shows, or even just observations about stupid things and people. Honestly if we had a website and a way to record a podcast, we would rather do that. Anyone who knows how to hook that up, lemme know. The combined blog effort will be void of spelling errors and will follow strict AP style, thanks to my copy editing wife, and will feature hilarious commentary thanks to my most awesomeness sense of humor. This blog is about to have its first post. You can't check it out here. We will try to update often.

Go here to read our first posting

If you want to get added to the automatic email service for that blog let me know and I'll add you. Any ideas of topics you wish for us to discuss, let us know. We're open for anything.