Friday, May 30, 2008

Just an update on my life

My weekend is going to look something like this:

Already finished as of 12:24 A.M. Saturday morning: I've cleaned the apartment after Rob and Lacy's departure only to completely destroy the coffee table with paperwork and DVD's. I played some videogames, mostly Dead Rising, and actually made tons of progress. I started reading Nick Horby's "How to be Good," and like all Nick Horby's work I love it. I also just so happen to browse an article about British authors auctioning off one of a kind works for charity. Nick Hornby was one of them. However, I wasn't the most excited about his. J.K. Rowling wrote an 800 page Harry Potter prequel that I would love to get my hands on. Like everyone else I LOVE Harry Potter, and if I had the estimated 1.4 million pounds sitting in my bank account, I might actually bid on it. I guess I'll have to settle for the 7th books paperback edition that comes out this summer and the 6th books movie due out this winter for now.

I got to talk to a lot of people tonight that I haven't talked to in a while like Lindsay, Matt, Pershing, and Al. It was good. I almost for the briefest moment felt like I was home again. I really miss Columbia sometimes, but I'm making it alright out here. I've got friends that are almost too similar to friends I had in Missouri. It's almost eerie.

Currently I'm watching Lord of the Rings (I forgot how great that movie is), keeping Slider off my keyboard, searching for jobs (I did apply at the post office for that part time work) did a little bit of writing, and am waiting for Sallie to get off work so we can spend some relaxing time alone.

My back is killing me!

Tomorrow I plan on waking up somewhat early (only because I'm used to it) and depositing a check, switching my Sprint number to Sallie's name, trying to get a South Carolina license, and I've set a goal to apply to at least three jobs.

Tomorrow night I'm going to reload Sallie's computer and try to write a butt-ton. I'm feeling creative.

Sunday is too far ahead to really say what I'm going to do.

Rob and Lacy left early this morning. It was a great trip. So far, we haven't gotten sick of any of our guests, which is a great sign because I like to have a lot of alone time, and the fact that I'm not freaking out from not having it means that I'm having a ton of fun. Rob is heading back to England. I'm going to miss the Wanker, but he's coming back for out wedding and assuming I get a big kids job, Sallie and I are planning to head there for our honeymoon. He's already promised to take me into some catacombs under cathedrals and castles, on a ghost hunting tour, and to a football match. (Soccer for those Americans)