Monday, May 19, 2008

A Fresh Start

Well, I finally, after weeks of begging my dad to get me a Windows XP disk, only to have two of them not work, reloaded my computer. A complete computer tech blunder/brainfart kept me from thinking of the obvious answer to my reload problem and why packaged with my laptop wasn't an XP disk, because Sony partitioned the factory default on the system restore. So last night I restored and my computer returned to its gorgeous, untouched state. I forgot how much crap I had to clean off there before such as free AOL offers, 32 different Sony Vaio software applications that are unneeded, and Sony's custom wallpapers and screen savers.

Tonight I had every intention of replying to some long winded emails, catch up on blogs I had ideas for, reply to my father and laws sermon, write a little on a couple stories I had ideas for, and just plain relax. Instead I've spent 3 hours reloading applications I needed, setting up my email client, subscribing to all my podcasts I had before, and changing the settings to suit my computer needs. Now I'm too tired to do any of that.

I didn't sleep much last night because on Saturday I ate some sushi that I was allergic to, and ever since my throat has hurt, my ears have been clogged and itching, and my eyes watering. I had no allergy problems out here, but something in that sushi has opened the floodgates of irritation.

On a non-complaining, everyday life side, I've been wanting some music lately. I haven't wanted much new music since Against Me!'s last record came out last year. I've been in a Sufjan Stevens (thanks to the Christian family band documentary "Danielson" and I suggest you check it out, its has a few interesting opinions about the Christian music industry) and Elliott Smith. However I don't have a budget for new music. Sallie has about a half dozen albums I know she would like too. So if anyone wants to send us money or itunes gift certificates, we'd gladly accept.

I still don't know what I'm going to do for work starting in two and a half weeks. I'm going to apply for the post office I think and maybe to some hotels around here. The post office pays well, but requires the civil service exam which requires me to have a South Carolina license. All attempts to get my license have failed. Yes, the DMV is just as bad and confusing out here. The only thing they do to help that Missouri doesn't is have a person sit in the front to make sure you have everything you need before you wait in line. Solves a ton of wasted time.

I've been told however, that I'm a great teacher and the kids respect me. I've been asked to come back to Lighthouse in the fall, but the principle is reluctant to talk money right now. I enjoy my job, but I also need to live. So I still don't know what I'm going to do. I hate looking for jobs. I hate starting new jobs. I just wish I could fast forward 30 days into wherever I end up.

Sorry I'm not more engaging today, but I'm just too tired/ allergic.