Sunday, May 25, 2008

Email Addresses

Alright, so I've completed updating my computer and reinstalling everything. The only thing I still need is everyone's email address. So if you want to be one of the elite people in my address book, gimme those addresses. You can post a comment here or you can send them directly to

I've successfully recovered Sallie from her military operation a.k.a. wedding planning, seeing 500 people in the 10 minutes she wasn't driving or flying, and going through 10-12 hour airport days. She's in good shape, although going on her 11th hour of sleep.

Rob and Lacy made it here and were several drinks deep by the time we got back from the airport. Yes, they beat Sallie even though they drove. That'll show you how well airlines are flying nowadays. Stay away from Delta, that's all I can say.

Today is gorgeous. It might be a beach day. I wish Sallie didn't have to work all week (I wish I didn't either) so we could enjoy the company of our guests to the max, but hey we gotta eat.

I've also, from several sources, have been getting fed the going ons of what happened in Columbia this weekend and I wasn't happy. Apparently two of my friends, got drunk and were treating people, especially Pershings brother, like complete crap. Even though I'm not there anymore I get infuriated by this. I really had to hold back calling these two and asking what the hell is up. But I've calmed a little by now. I know some people don't handle being drunk very well. I realize that Tim can defend himself, and if it gets to the point where he can't take it, he can call on friends, or even me to knock some sense into them.

To finish this, I had a really weird dream last night. Sal, an un-named girl, and I were staying at a resort here called Myrtle Beach Waves. (there is a water park here of the same name, but my dream it was something different) It essentially was a huge indoor complex with waterfalls, lazy rivers, giant pools, etc. Well we were swimming alone and all of a sudden other guests come pouring in and removing their clothes. It seems we're in some sort of nudist colony. I kept seeing Pentecostal Church members, but the weird thing was they had their churches logo suspended in front of their bodies in mid air and they were always standing very stiff and looking at me as if wanting me to come to them. Any dream interpreters want to take a crack at that one. I don't think the message is I need to strip down and join the Pentecostal church.