Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Is he talking about zombies again?

So Sallie left for Cape/St. Louis/Columbia today. I've already been asked if I miss her. Well yes and no. Its only been about 12 hours since we parted ways, and on any normal day I wouldn't see her for another 30 minutes. So technically we haven't spent any time apart that we normally wouldn't. Plus I keep finding little reminders of my dear wife such as the THREE half drank cups of water sitting on the nightstand, the pink towel hanging from the bedroom door even though we have two great towel racks in the bathroom, the helmet and keys laying on the floor in front of the door, and the dirty dishes in the sink. (Oh god will I hear about this one when she calls tomorrow) Now, don't get me wrong, I love my wife and me being domestic is balanced out by the nice things she does to me and the money she makes. Honestly, we've completely switched gender roles. I cook, clean, do laundry, and run errands more often than she does, and she makes the money and approves of things I can buy. I would be afraid people might think I'm gay... except for the little problem of me having a wife. I think I might leave some of the stuff there and pick up one item a day until she returns so I never really feel like she left.

My allergies are starting to improve a little bit. I took medicine, lots of medicine... actually probably enough to where I shouldn't have been driving heavy machinery. The issue I have now is I'm so dried out that I can't seem to get enough water. Like, seriously, I had probably 10 cups of water and some pomegranate juice tonight and I'm still thirsty. I need a more efficient way to take in water... like osmosis or maybe gills like fish do, cause my stomach is too full. Need proof? I went running, got about ten steps, fell to the ground writhing in pain trying to call out to a stray cat for help, only to roll over on the comfort of my own recently expanding belly.

Tonight I've played some videogames, but I found that I couldn't stand playing them tonight. (Yes, I already can feel the surprised future E-gasps, just post the proper emoticon to let me know how you feel) Yes, I wasn't feeling games tonight. I was thinking maybe its because for the next couple days I have a bachelor life (I've already ordered two pizzas and bread sticks to live off of for a day or two) and I felt I should spend it doing things I don't normally get to when Sallie is around. Why didn't I? Because all my bro-friends out here work for the paper and are currently fillings Sallie's empty seats. So, gun to my head, I forced my self to play videogames.

I started with a zombie apocalypse in a mall (a.k.a. Dawn of the Dead rip off for you movie buffs) game called "Dead Rising." Like "Resident Evil" for the Playstation and Gamecube, this game is the reason I picked the Xbox 360 over the Playstation 3 at the time. (I really need to find a better way of picking expensive game consols besides which one gets the zombie game first) The theme of this game... every store has several weapons or clothes you can change into to rage against the zombies. Some of my favorite weapons are chainsaw, shotgun, lead pipe, lawn mower, (the big industrial kind) and one of the great things of the night, a weapon I've never found before, the bloody machete. After the pizza came, I switched games up.

Call of Duty 4 is on the best multiplayer games I've ever played. According to my stats, I've played enough minutes to equal 4 days and 19 hours. Kind of a waste of life? But who else will stop the terrorists from winning?

After I shoveled some slices down I popped in the marathon 4 disk game "Lost Odyssey." The first disk of this game was enjoyable and intriguing. The second kept it up, but added some horrible voice acting. The third disk (that I unlocked Monday) has so far been 2 hours of movies and 3 hours of repetition. What do I mean by this? I went through a town, talked to the hundred or so residents, and finally figured out where to go. Then I watched an hour of mostly unnesseary towns getting blowed up by unspeakable evil movies. (If I want to watch a movie, I will pop one in... MICROSOFT!) I got bored toward the in, my ADD started up, I started browsing the web and the next thing I know the movie is over and I missed what I was supposed to do next. Next part of repetition: I go through the exact same town again, talk to all the residents AGAIN, but here's the catch, this time its frozen in a sheet of ice.

I'm now taking in my second movie of the night. Earlier I watched Basketball Diaries (suggested for those who like based on true stories, especially when it comes to drug addicts) and now I'm watching some indie film called Park on Netflix on demand. (Oh internet, I love you so much) Honestly though, I'm bored. I might try to fix my expensive DVD player I broke earlier this week before I go to bed, but other than that I have to get up somewhat early tomorrow, only so I can prepare for assaulting the DMV again, applying at a couple hotels for jobs, calling the post office and paying the $129 testing fee just so I can attempt to get an interview, and then come home.

What will I do when I come home tomorrow?

Probably play Dead Rising, heat up some pizza, play a little Call of Duty, finish it with 3 hours of Lost Odyssey, and fall asleep watching mediocre indie movies. Luckily for Friday I appear to have some Bruce Lee in the schedule with some friends from the paper. How did they all get off for Friday night... I actually haven't worked that out yet. Then Sallie, Rob, and Lacy on Saturday to finish off the three day weekend.