Monday, May 12, 2008

It's that one about ghosthunting... part 3

It was my first ghost hunt ever. We had the typical high-school science fair project due and I refused to grow a plant or study prisms. Nay! Dan Story was knee deep into season 5 of the X-files, and since it was highly unlikely I would find a great place to study U.F.O.s or Kennedy's assassin, I went for the ghost thing. The St. Louis area is filled with hundreds of haunted places. I could've tried the Lemp Mansion, or downtown St. Charles, (main street is built on a cemetery) or perhaps get military clearance for Jefferson Barracks. However, being close to Halloween, all those places were packed. A little river town not too far south of St. Louis started calling my name, Alton, Illinois.

McPike Mansion claims to be one of the most haunted places in the midwest, boasting near 100 separate entities. I packed up my cheap ghost hunting equipment and had my mom drive me to the mansion. (I was still younger than 16 in case you couldn't figure it out)

I arranged to go into the mansion before the other tourists so I could get EVPs. (The sound thing I told you about earlier) Let me set this up for you. The house had been abandoned for almost 50 years and was only recently (at the time) being rehabilitated. All the doors were gone except for the front door. Everything else in the house: bathtubs, marble fireplace, chandeliers were all gone. I sat on the steps to the second floor with record pressed on the recorder. I sat for maybe fifteen minutes in complete silence with nothing going on around me. Later when I played the recording back... well lets say I peed myself and didn't sleep for a bit. There were clear as day foor steps going up and down the stairs, and doors opening and shutting.

Second, the compass was going insane. There was a room on the third floor that was about twenty degrees cooler than the rest of the building. When the compass was brought into the room the needle started spinning like a helicopter trying to take off. A lady that claimed to be "psychic" started freaking out and saying whatever was in the room wanted us all to leave. The story behind the room was a retarded child was chained to the ceiling by his father so he wouldn't leave or get into trouble. The kid tried to escape through the window one day and hung himself. Creepy history.

The pictures I took were the most interesting. I had maybe twenty photos with orbs in them and immediately disguarded them. I had one picture that had a six foot tall solid black entity in the center of it. At first I thought perhaps this was an overexposure problem. However, when I searched the internet for more info on McPike Mansion I found two other pictures from two other ghost hunters with the exact same entity. Something is definitely there.

The second most interesting (I think more interesting) was a picture I just shot of the surrounding wooded area. My intention was to show the area the house was in, but there was a bright dot in one of the corners. I couldn't make out what it was but I could tell it was something. When I brought out a magnifying glass, sure enough it was an entity. A Native American entity to be exact. I could see his hair pulled back in a ponytail with feathers, and a full face.

Thats all the energy I have for ghost hunting now. Funny how something I wanted to write about so much just kind of passed. Check out my coming blogs in coming days, I'll have my review of what is the best selling and best rated videogame ever. (Will I vote against it, oh no he might go there)