Saturday, February 23, 2008

Where the kittens run wild

I noticed that our kittens both wait for when me and Sal come home... at least Crash does. Crash sits on this end table we have next to the door and is always waiting to great us. Thomas, on the other hand, comes running anytime we are feeding the cats meat and he likes to snuggle against us and play with us.

Then there are other times when the cats stare longingly out the windows like they have memories of their ancestors running wild, catching their own prey. Sometimes I wonder if we should've domesticated animals at all. Sure it makes humans lives easier and better, but why do we feel the need to conquer so much.

War exists when one nation wants to conquer another. Medicine is the attempt to conquer disease and death. Exploration is the need to conquer a new nation or perhaps a new planet faster than our peers. Why is the human race a race to conquer the galaxy? Do we always need to take and study and analyze and organize data? Is it human nature to bend the rules of nature to suit our needs? Would both my cats be happier surviving on their own?

I watched a history channel documentary a couple weeks ago called "When humans are gone?" Like the title suggests it was about what happens when humans are gone, and the world returns to its state of normallacy only a couple decades after we're gone. Our buildings are adapted as habitats for the animals that outlive us. This isn't a comforting thought. All of the benefits our conquering have created hang on by a thread. Something as small as a bacterial strain or as large as a nuclear missile is all it would take to wipe us out.

Anyway on a lighter note, a couple days ago I was looking at the meat in Wal Mart, deciding how much beef I needed to make stir fry when I came across two odd meat combos that I've never seen in a store, especially wal mart before. One was a log of cow lard. I'm sure this is used to cook or add flavor or something, but who writes on their grocery list "4lbs of processed cow fat." The second weird thing they sold there was cow tongue. I know this is a delicasy around the world, but in the United States... specifically South Carolina... Cow tongues... Wal Mart... really?