Friday, February 22, 2008

This Crazy Week

I haven't been blogging as much lately, so here we are.

Wednesday I started getting a scratchy throat and couldn't sleep at all. Laying on the couch in my underwear having a tough time breathing at 9:10 in the morning my phone starts ringing. Its the Lighthouse Care Center wanting to offer me their computer tech job. I go in at 1 in the afternoon to talk specifics. Basically I will be running their computers and network. Since I haven't dealt with networks in several years and I know there have been leaps and bounds in the technology, I'm going to go buy networks for dummies today. Just to freshen myself up enough to where I can fix a problem should it arise.

She had me fill out some paperwork and get my first round of mandatory TB shots. She wants me to take a drug test that day, but I have to get the car back to Sallie. Whole day took 2.5 hours, not a bad day of work. The next day I have to wake up at 7 in the morning (something I haven't done for nearly a month) and go to CPR training which is supposed to last from 8-4. I get less sleep that I did the night before largely thanks to this sinus infection getting worse and our new kitten thinking its kitty play-time all night long. Total, I think I scored 2 hours of sleep. I have to force Sallie to wake up and drop me off since this is supposed to last well into when she's at work and we only have one car and this city has no public transportation. I had told Lighthouse when I interviewed to give me a couple days notice before I would have to do anything so we could procure another form of transportation. So Sallie was going to have to drop me off and I was going to have to get another person to drive me home.

Luckily the thing only lasted until noon. I called Sallie for a ride home and woke he up a second time. I wait about twenty minutes and finally she picks me up in front of an abandoned fast food donut shop, and she's not happy. Apparently kitty play-time is not only during the night, but during the day too. And everyone wanted to call her. She's not happy and extremely tired. I'm not happy cause I'm tired and sick feeling. (my voice wasn't much more than a whisper at this point) So she sleeps for two hours, I sleep for about thirty minutes and the she's off to work.

I spent the rest of the night sucking down tea and chicken noodles soup and soaking in the bath. I still feel like crap today but I have lost of errands to run. I have to call the insurance agent, figure out where my noodles and mizzou W2 forms are, possibly buy a mo-ped (cheap form of second transportation) grocery shop, take a pee test, call me job and find out when I'm going to start working, and go by the bookstore and get a network book. I'm hoping I can accomplish all of this quickly, for I need to rest and by rest I mean play this addictive game called the Elder Scrolls Oblivion. I owned it before, played it for 72 hours and still hadn't beat the game. If the game didn't have a glitch that wouldn't allow me to beat the theives guild missions I probably wouldn't have sold it. Recently they released a new version with another thirty hours of gameplay and the glitch fixed. So I'm trudging through the Mages Guild, and want to finish it tonight so I can sleep easily.

Sallie is off all weekend, which is well deserved. We are going to go to this wine bar and restaurant tomorrow night. We gave up drinking for Lent, but it turns out that one day a week you can do what you gave up. Being the good Catholic I am, I only figured this rule out, twenty-three years into my life. At least for the first fifteen years I didn't observe this one day a week rule. Other than that I think we might make some burgers this weekend, and who knows what else. we've also been playing this Wii game together called Zak and Wiki. For all the guys out there, its pretty much the most girlfriend friendly game ever created. Its about pirates and puzzle solving. The men feel good about playing as pirates, and the women find its cuteness addicting.