Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fast Food Knights

Sallie had a day off yesterday and we filled it with perhaps the greatest thing we could have. We had dinner at (now raise your reading voice to a bold almost yell) MEDIEVAL TIMES! We sat in the green knights section and cheered on the knight the others called a drunk. However, he was a complete bad boy. Long flowing hair hugged his shoulders as he beat every knight he fought. (Until the last one)

The food was good and the battle better. I won't ruin any of the surprises, just in case some of you end up going someday, but it remained largely unchanged since the last time I went there 5 years ago. So if you've been before, it probably hasn't chanced much.

I had a job interview on Friday for a teaching gig at a behavioral issues clinic. Its a pretty exciting job. It was basically be a "Dangerous Minds" situation where I'm the cool hip teacher that all the "bad boys" and "bad girls" grudgingly fall in love with. So hopefully things work out with that.

Today we are going to go down to the beach and do a hardcore house cleaning. Fun stuff all around.