Thursday, February 7, 2008

Our new kitten sucks

We got a new kitten yesterday to keep Crash company. Unfortunately, the kitten tricked us. It was rubbing against the cage and purring the whole time we were at the Humane Society. We figured, great a loving cat. (Crash doesn't like to be pet. She likes to play... all the time.) This cat since its been home, he's stayed under the bed. He's gone to nibble on a bit of food. He's hid under the couch. He's pooped. (And then hid in the litter box)

So far, waste of $80. I hope he starts coming out.

Other than that the job search continues. I've applied to 3 more places this morning. (Total of 27 places now I think) I'm going to spend some time writing today.

I've been dropping weight like gangbusters too. I was up at a disgusting 209lbs and now I'm down to a sweet 201. Wifey and I have been working out every night, so I'm assuming I will probably get down to something around 195 before I start building muscle-mass to cancel out the weight loss. I'm ready to not have a college body anymore, and get my highschool body back.