Monday, February 18, 2008

The top list returns- Presidents Day Edition

In honor of Presidents Day I've decided today will be my top fictional presidents list. This list was particularly hard because surprisingly Presidents usually don't play large parts in movies and tv shows. The merely make apprerances. So I had to dig deep and find five that I thought deserves this list.

Billy Bob Thorton as the President in "Love Actually." Billy Bob is always the rude and crude drunk in his movies, so when he appeared in the British romantic comedy as the president I was a bit taken aback. However, as president, he is still as rude and as crude as ever telling Britain to piss off and making a move on the Prime Ministers assistant. He gets two out of five salutes.

Cotter Smith as President McKenna in "X-Men 2." The mass hysteria caused by mutants puts this president in a tough spot. Should he force mutants to register, thus exposing their families and friends to possible violence, or should he let the mutants keep on doing their thing. Nightcrawler easily makes it into his office beating the crap outta the secret service only to return later with several of the X-men. The president is sort of a wuss, but he still manages to get to mad props for sending a military squad to Professor X's mansion only to have all of them torn to pieces by Wolverine. Since he pretty much just gets his arse kicked at the hands of the X-men he only gets one out of five salutes.

Bill Pullman as President Thomas J. Whitmore in "Independence Day." Will Smith takes most of the good lines in this movie, but who can claim that Pullman's speech before the air assault on the aliens doesn't give you goosebumps. He has me wanting to "celebrate our Independence Day" every day. Not only does he fire up the hundred or so pilots, but he jumps in a jet and flies on the front line personally kicking alien butt. I'd fly beside him and into an alien WMD (only if my missile was jammed) any American holiday. Whitmore is a certified bad ass and gets four out of five salutes.

Richard Nixon's head in "Futurama." I almost chose Nixon from Back to the Future two for running for a fifth term, but I have to go with Futurama Nixon. Nixon wins the presidency several times over in the future and rules with a robot body. (Which he uses to rampage through the city on the eve of his victory) This version of Nixon almost makes me want to forget Watergate and embrace the criminal as my president. Nixon gets three out of five salutes.

Harrison Ford as President James Marshall in "Airforce One." I've saved the best for last. Harrison Ford already gets major points for not only being Han Solo but also for being Indiana Jones. However, Airforce One would've jumped him to the top of the list anyway. Not only does he defeat an entire gang of terrorist aboard the famous jet but he does it in style. Who could forget "GET OFF MY PLANE" and then bam, punch to the face and terrorist falls miles to the ground. Mr. President I give you five out of five salutes and a "Mission Accomplished" banner.