Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Detox: Day 2

Honestly by now, I'm sort of feeling depressed. Its amazing how much joy food can bring to your life. I feel defeated. I can't concentrate. I just feel like the world is one big rainy autumn day. I know that some General Tso's chicken would bring me back to life, but it would negate all that I've accomplished since Sunday night.

I've definitely become clumsier. I've tripped over cats, I've ran my foot over with the scooter with moving it out of the backyard, I've even tripped on my laptop cord and busted part of the plastic that holds the monitor in.

I that if we got to eat just one hot meal I would be fine. Sallie tells me that we have a hot rice and bean meal waiting for us at lunch tomorrow, but I'm so used to coming home and having a hot meal in front of the television. Its sort of the way I wind down.

Today I had lemon water, tea, and a good fruit smoothie for breakfast. Lunch was a salad. Snack was another fruity smoothie. I also had some raw carrots. I wanted a burrito, but I had raw carrots.

A guy at work thought he'd be funny and posted fast food ads all over my desk when I went to retrieve my salad. Note to self: Punch desk neighbor in the back of the head when he least expects it.

For the positives I've definitely noticed that I've dropped some weight in just two days. I'm probably expelling all of that water weight that my high sodium diet brought on. Again, I've had to pee like 14 times today. Its getting old. Especially when I've ran into just about every manager there is multiple times. It probably doesn't look good for my stats.

Sallie offered me an out if I were really that miserable. No matter how hard I wanted to say yes, I forced myself to continue. Here's hoping that there is substantial food in my near future.