Sunday, August 16, 2009

Detoxing: Day 0

With the kitten and the visiting of people and large home made meals, Sallie and I have been feeling like complete crap for weeks now. We've been eating extremely rich foods with lots of cheese, bread, and sauce and with all the stress we've been taking down more wine, beer, and alcohol than we like to.

So we are going to be on a strict diet and detox from a book Sallie's mother gave us.

First, like a prisoner on death row, we had our last "meal." We opted for Penn Station where I devoured a large Chicken Cordon Bleu and Sallie took on a much more modest medium veggie sub.

We stared at a list of things we had to get. Across the street was Target and Schnucks, both fight weekly for the worst place to be on a Sunday.

At Target we had to get a juicer and a water filter. That was accomplished in a relatively short amount of time.

Then we went to Schnucks. Below is what we got.

-Lettuce Mix X2
-Bag of Walnuts X1
-Bag of Almonds X1
-Alfalfa Sprouts X1 pck
-Brown Rice 1 lb
-Green Cabbage 1 lb
-Broccoli Crowns 1.3 lbs
-Organic Bananas 1 large bunch
-Pink Lady Apples 2 lbs
-Large Avocado X2
-Fresh mint
-Fresh Cilantro
-Whole Pinneapple X1
-Green Onions X2 bunches
-Snow Peas X1 pck
-Red Bell Pepper X2
-Yellow Onion 1.62 lbs
-Lettuce .5 lb
-Large Lemons X3
-Beets X3
-Green Beans .25 lb
-Radish 1 bunch
-Pears 1 lb
-Celery 1 lb
-Turnips l lb
-Organic Vegetable Stock
-Carrots 2 lbs
-Turmeric Spice
-Ripe Nectarines 3 lbs
-Cucumber X5
-Jumbo Grapefruit X4
-Yellow Potato 2.63 lbs
-Garlic Cloves X2
-Blueberries 1 pint
-Raspberries 1 pint
-Strawberries 2 lbs

Tomorrow this is what I'm allowed to eat.
Breakfast: Berries and tea
Lunch: Extremely enriched vegetable broth
Dinner: Leftover of Lunch and nut mixture with tea and sprouts

I can have as much raw fruit and vegetable as possible for snacks, but I'm going to be hungry as can be.

Also, I realize that I'm going to be pooping my brain out. Luckly I have several good books to finish and will have plenty of time to do so.

The last time I weighed myself, I had gained 20 lbs. I was sitting around 217 which is the most I've ever weighed. Weight isn't goi to be an accurate measure of how I'm doing because I'm going to be working out as well and as everyone knows, muscle weighs more than fat.

I will try to update this daily. Just hope that I have enough energy to make that happen tomorrow. Wish me luck, this is going to be interesting.