Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Real Play by Play of the Week

Alright, this will pick up after church on Sunday
-Went to Margaritaville for lunch. Jimmy Buffet's restaurant is as bad as his music. Alright, the food was pretty good, a bit overpriced, but still good. If the atmosphere weren't so cheesy it would have gotten a thumbs up. My thoughts: There are different levels of cheesyness, good and bad. If you're going to be that cheesy, be extremely cheesy until its sort of endearing. Don't be cheesy to the point of annoying.
-Since just about everything was closed for Easter Sunday, the fella's and I hung out playing Smash Brothers more or less all night.

-Pushed off the beach since it was a bit chilly out.
-Made a huge breakfast for everyone: bacon, eggs, toast. It was a winner and we served it the next couple days.
-Watched movies and played Smash Brothers until night started settling in. We then went to Ron Jons (since it was a hit the first time) and drank and played pool until two-ish where I turned in for the night once we came home.

-Ate lunch at Sushi/Restaurant called Soho. I was served hot food. Matt, Sal, Rob, and Jake were served hot food. Pershing waited twenty minutes for 10 fried shrimp and cold fries. We witnessed a server cursing at the kitchen staff. Apparently they were new. We didn't hold it against our server, but left with a bad taste in our mouth.
-Played mini-golf at a place called Mount Atlantis Minotaur Golf. Yes, not only was it three stories tall, featured a somewhat Atlantis theme, but also had an 18 hole Minotaur course. Pretty good course. Unfortunately we were stuck behind a couple that doesn't get to date often. They played every hole twice as if they weren't going to get to have fun again until the next paycheck. The last three holes left something to be desired. Essentially the hole was a straight shot from the tee only six feet away. They did however build an intricate design all around the hole, but nothing that was going to cause your ball issues. Rob and I tied for first, Matt in a close second, with Pershing barely behind him, and Jake trailing by 10.
-Came home, drank beer, watched movies.
-Eventually ended up going back to Ron Jons.

- 12:10 P.M.We decide weather be darned, we're going to the ocean.
-12:45 P.M. After bravely sticking our feet into the ocean and removing our shirt, we decide its four pitchers of margarita's and one shot of Soco too cold for us. To remedy this, we head to Boardwalk Bill's to consume aforementioned drinks.
-1:30 P.M. Feeling fairly good we again remove shirts and head for the ocean. The ocean was a sobering experience, not only because of its beauty and the sense of insignificance it instills in humans but because of the seemingly 40 degree water immediately removing any hint of alcohol that was once on us.
-1:40 We splash in the waves like eight year olds, screaming, splashing, and dunking.
-2:20 We notice we've been washed 500 feet down shore and none of us can feel our feet.
-2:23 Removing our bodies from the ocean reveal pure white, bloodless, feet.
-2:45 We stop on the way home to pick up more liquor and fajita food.
-7:00 Fajitas good, liqour good, life good.
-10:00 Ron Jons for cheap beer and pool
-12:30 AM Sallie joins us. We drink until 3.

Thursday: Woke up late, most feeling somewhat hungover.
Beach day again. Much warmer. We devour food at our new favorite place on the beach. They have foot long hotdogs with slaw, mustard, and chili on them. Your mind has created what you think is a footlong hotdog, but trust me, you're underselling it. We all agree to return tomorrow for more hotdogs and nachocheese fries.
Medieval times for dinner. We bought beer from winches, cheered on the black and white knight, and gave two small girls in front of us many new vocabulary words.

More footlong hotdogs.
Lots more beach. We all end up sun burned, but happy.
Hibachi grill for dinner.
Cigars for celebratory after dinner smoke.
We turn in early

Boys leave at 5:20 our time.
I start removing the "dude" smell from our house at 10. All in all they are the only guests I haven't wanted to shoe out by the time they left. I had a great time and would do it again.