Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Post Office Strikes Again

I sold a bunch of things on Ebay again hoping to make a little extra money on the side and again the United States Post Office has messed up something big.

Essentially I sold a $200 game system, with 3 games, and a $75 memory card for a measly $175. The system was almost new, only used a handful of times by me. I shipped in an appropriate sized box stuffed with newspaper and put the system into a travel case for extra protection. The buyer sent me a fuming email today saying there were scratches and pixels broken on the screen. He essentially called me a horrible seller and person. (Not a dramatization, he actually did say I give ebay sellers a bad name) I know for a fact that this was in perfect condition before I sent it, but I didn't buy insurance on it. Why you ask? Because I used to buy insurance on this stuff and then once I lost a large ticket item. I tried to claim the insurance, when the postmaster at the local post office told me that I needed the original packaging so he could decide whether it was their fault or mine. So essentially I need to retrieve the original box, packing supplies, and show the postmaster how I had it taped to maybe get my insurance money back. So I started settling for just delivery confirmation.

So this story's summary is essentially I bought a game system and then broke it, only to have my ebay name defiled.

Another guy emailed me angry because he sold something a week ago, lost that item, and then bought another one, from me. He then asked me if I could ship it to his buyer. I said, yes I will try to do that. however in the shuffle of the 28 other items I sold, I accidentally shipped it to him. He sent me an angry email today and demanded his shipping refunded. Why are people such jerks sometimes?

This week has more or less been a string of crappy days that seem even worse since I had such a great week last week. I've more or less decided that I won't be returning to this job next year unless much money is offered. I'm essentially teaching, running their entire network, and babysitting by myself after school for as much money as I was making at noodles. I'm done, I need the weekend.