Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I don't feel like the new guy

Today I had one of those weird interactions at work where you know that to some you are no longer "the new guy." Its about time I had one of these interactions seeing how I've been there for like 5 or 6 weeks already, but today was the first one. (That I could think of) I was walking through the hall and a lady that I've met once or twice was walking next to me and I hear a long winded "it's only Tuesday" sigh. Without hesitating I blurt out "I know what you're saying." She started laughing and said, "That rough of a day for you too Dan." And thats it. That's the entire interaction. We parted ways and finished the work day eventually. The fact that I could just blurt that out without thinking and then get that kind of a "we're buddies" response proves that people are trying to know me.

Why was it a rough day you ask? Well, today wasn't particularly rough, I just haven't been liking my job as of late. Mostly because my boss is unorganized, demanding, underpaying, and "insert random boss complaint here." Its starting to wear on me. Plus today I was so tired from getting no sleep last night (Mostly thanks to Sal's ridiculous energy after work last night) that I was just kind of drifting in a caffeine induced consciousness. (12 cups of sweetened tea and a cup of Dr. Pepper= I was wired) I didn't notice a kid leave my room (actually I thought he was meeting with a therapist) and he went to hang out in the hallway for a while listening to his iPod. One of the bodyguards eventually came in with all kinds of Def Jam attitude "I dont' want to tell you how to run your classroom, but you need to..." and then she went on a rant about how I need to write kids up, ect. I don't remember much of it because I was thinking "I'm not going to be here for much more than a month more" and "My god a nap would be great right about now." Another reason the day was long... well one of my kids can't read... and he's embarrassed. I always try to put aside extra one on one time to help him through the program. (that really isn't designed for someone who can't read at all) Today he decided that making a lot of noise, unplugging his monitor, clicking random answers, and pretending to not hear me was the best course of action. I guess I can't blame him and it probably seemed worse than it was... but man, that was only my second hour out of 7.

Tomorrow is officially "hump" day and I can't wait. BTW (By the Way for the internet lingo impaired) I hate people that call Wednesday hump day. I was trying to make a joke but only realized not many people know of my annoyance of the phrase and my sarcasm seems to not travel the internet well. Perhaps I shall dedicate a special sarcasm font at some point. The possibilities....