Monday, March 10, 2008

I no longer feel sorry for the cats

Maybe a week or so ago I pondered if we ruined cats lives by domesticating them. I wish to now formally retract that statement. I've realized that cats have domesticated us. I figured this out yesterday when I was elbow deep in cat poo and litter. The pan liner that is supposed to make it easier to clean up was shredded thanks to Slider, allowing all fecal matter to slip through the cracks to the bottom of the plastic kitty port-a-potty.

This was after the cat woke me up early to feed him, complained that I didn't give him meat, figured out how to get on top of the bathroom sink and knock everything off. I open the windows so the cats can bask in the sunlight. I let them sleep in my favorite gaming (or Bro-ing out) chair instead of me getting to use it. Play with them for 15-30 minutes a day. Pet them. Let them sleep in my lap during the day, and then in my bed at night. I drive them to any vet appointments they have and pay for them. Then on special occasions I give them a sweet dose of catnip. So I ask, who is domesticated? The cats are living like kings and I am taking back my kingdom. The squirt bottle we purchased to learn them lessons has been in heavy use the past three days. Unfortunately Slider doesn't learn. He gets soaked, cleans up, and then continues with said "bad" activity.

This weekend I didn't accomplish too much. Wifey wasn't feeling well. I did rip off EB Games on accident. Sal and I bought an off brand X-box 360 controller so she could play some games with me, but it wouldn't stay connected to the Xbox. So I brought it back to Eb Games and returned it for a much better one. The thing is, we originally bought it from Wal Mart. I had forgotten, happened to be in the store at a very busy time, and caught the manager off guard, who simply assumed they just stopped carrying that controller. We found a new game we both love. Marvel Ultimate Alliance is your basic beat-em-up game, but with one difference. It's unleashed a fighting beast within my wife. I never knew she loved these types of games so much. She was yelling out one liners as she sent bad guys against the wall and muttering cool under her breath every time she found out a new move. It was yet another affirmation that this marriage is going to work.