Sunday, March 16, 2008

Growing up is hard to do when you dont know where to start

Yesterday I got a notice in the mail about interest on my student loans I've acquired from the past four and a half years, which more or less but a small dent in the weekend because its a fair amount. (At least I think it is, this paperwork never makes much sense. Why can't they just have one line on their somewhere saying "You owe this..." instead of each years loan, interest, interest rate, time due, ect ect.) I then tried to get online to find out how much I owe total, but of course I need a name and pin number I set up four years ago. God knows where that information is. I also don't know where else I have loans with. When I went to St. Charles Community College, I used UMB Bank for my loans. Then Mizzou made things more complicated since I had much more I needed to borrow I had to get some loans through Mohela and for some reason I could no longer get my loans through UMB, so I started taking them through another loan company. So the last year I knew I had loans from three different places until Mohela sent me a message saying they've acquired some of my other student loans. WHICH ONES!?! Still haven't figured it out, but since I don't know my pin number, I don't know how much I owe. Why do things have to be so complicated?

Second thing I have to decide, if my job isn't renewed for next year (it hasn't been approved by the budget yet) what do I do? Do I start grad school and get my education masters degree? Do I attempt to get my certification through South Carolina? Do I take a break and just find a job that pays? Damn this uncertainty.

Lacy has been in town for a couple days now. It's nice to see a friendly face. I think it's lifted both Sal and mine spirits. We both miss having friends around us. Thus far we haven't met anyone that we would call every weekend and I don't know where I would meet this kind of person. Everyone at my work is either a juvenile delinquent or old and with a family. Sal's newspaper people seem to be more drinking buddies than anything else. So what is a man to do?

The boys are heading down here next week and I'm off work all week so it should be lots of boozing, bro-ing, smash brothers, and pizza. I can't wait.