Friday, May 24, 2013

Wallet Safety

I've personally never lost a wallet. I've heard horror stories of friends getting their wallets stolen on a train or all of their money being removed before the wallet was returned. And sure, my wallet has taken more than a few rides through the washing machine. I might have left it at a friends house or in the car. There was even once where a dog might have eaten it. But I have never lost a wallet.

Short of chaining your wallet to your belt loop or wearing a wicked sweet fanny pack (see below) there's not much you can do about protecting your wallet or hoping that it's returned when you lose it.

Not even Hulk Hogan can make fanny packs look cool.

That is, until now. 

Scottish researchers have found that having certain pictures in your wallet might have an effect on the person who finds it and whether they rob you or track you down.

The baby photograph wallets had the highest return rate, with 88 per cent of the 40 being sent back. Next came the puppy, the family and the elderly couple, with 53 per cent, 48 and 28 respectively. At 20 per cent and 15, the charity card and control wallets had the lowest return rates.
This essentially means I need a picture of my grandma, holding my youngest 2nd cousin, who is petting a puppy and I will paperclip it to my "Human Fund" charity card.

You don't even have success odds like that with modern birth control.