Friday, May 10, 2013

The Results of Surgery (Now with pictures)

Sorry to keep sending blogs, but this is an interesting one. I went to the doc today as a followup to my surgery and got some cool looking pictures. I suppose you could classify the pictures as gory, but you really can't see much. There's no blood or anything. Really, it looks like someone took a microscope to a coconut.

So the doc is incredibly happy with my healing. The broken bone from two years ago lined up perfectly. He said normally that is what would cause arthritis, but since my healed so well, I shouldn't have arthritis from that part of my leg anyway.

His goal for my first two weeks being home was being able to move my knee 30-40 degrees. I already have 40 degrees. So he's incredibly happy with that.

I have to unfortunately walk with my brace locked (this is the pirate peg-leg walk I've referenced) for 6 weeks and I can't actively bend my knee, meaning if I am going to bend it, I have to do it manually by hand.

I also have to stay out of work another week. (Returning on the 22nd) The doctor didn't recommend I go back since I'm still not sleeping so well and I'm starting physical therapy next week.

Anyway, below are the pictures. What you're seeing is a close up of my PCL and ACL. They sort of run criss-crossed. The picture on the left is my knee before surgery. The one ligament is tissue paper and barely holding on. The second ligament wasn't even attached. It had fallen and calcified.

The picture on the right shows my brand new, nice thick, strong ligaments, or what every knee should look like.