Monday, May 20, 2013

Podcasts I Like

I have time to listen to a ton of podcasts while I'm doing housework. I feel that if I can learn something or be entertained by something while doing some menial work like sweeping the floor, I'm better off.

I get asked what podcasts I listen to, so I figured I'd post what I listen to and give a run down of what the pod is.

  • Dan Carlin's Hardore History - This is only posted about once a month. It can sometimes be a few hours long, but is worth it. Dan Carlin takes really interesting stories from history and discusses them in depth. The last podcast was about a crazy form of torture, the Anabaptists take over of Munster Germany in 1534, and what a single spark (Martin Luther) can cause. 
  • Giant Bombcast - These are the bad boys of the gaming journalism industry. I say they are bad boys because most of them were fired or left other gaming institutions because they couldn't be honest enough. Thing about this podcast is, 50% of it has nothing to do with games. It turns into discussions of suburban life, ham radios, and food. 
  • Hollywood Babel On - Part of the SmodCo network, Ralph Garmin (a KROQ DJ) and Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mallrats, Dogma, etc) deliver the week's news in Hollywood. Instead of the standard putting celebrities on a pedestal, they understand how ridiculous this whole sub-society is. 
  • SmodCast - The original Kevin Smith podcast. This was the first podcast I ever subscribed to back in February of 2007 and I haven't missed an episode since. Usually this involves Kevin and his best friend Scott Mosier dissecting film, news, and general geek culture. 
  • The Adam and Dr. Drew Show - Remember when Love Line was on MTV? This brings the two hosts back together. I like this better than Adam Corolla's podcast because Dr. Drew has a way to get Adam to shut-up when he needs to. They discuss relationships, sex, and politics from a doctor and a comics point of view. 
  • The Moth Podcast - This is a short story series. People get on stage live and tell a 5-15 minute story from their life. 
  • The Nerdist - This is arguably the weakest of my podcasts. The host is a bit of a comedy nerd and often times tries to drag the conversation to comedy. His guests are what make it. Sometimes you'll get a fantastic pod (Dave Grohl) or a mediocre one. (Bob Saget) 
  • This American Life - A weekly NPR radioshow put in Podcast form. Usually 5 stories, each one all have a common subject. One of my oldest podcasts. 
  • Wired's Gamelife - Another gaming podcast, but this one is hosted by a guy that likes all things that I don't: Apple and Nintendo heavily featured. This is so that I have a well rounded knowledge and hopefully prevents me from getting dragged into fan boy wars too often. 
  • Radiolab - This is another NPR podcast, but this one focuses on great stories often dealing with science. Lately it seems the 5 senses have been a heavy focus.