Thursday, May 2, 2013

Post Surgery

Monday was perfect walking weather and I took full advantage of it. The sun was shining but not burning, the temperature was 60 degrees with a night light breeze. It was fantastic.

Tuesday I woke up at 5:15 am to head in for surgery. It was weird not being able to do my normal morning routine. I was ready to make breakfast and sign into my work computer.

I showed up for surgery and my insurance company failed to tell me that we were expected to have a co-pay. Luckily, Sallie had her flex spending account ready to rock.

Other than that, things went well. I was under for much longer than they had planned (something like 5 hours) because they found that both my ligaments needed to be replaced. They were about a third the size they should've been.

It was rough coming out of anesthesia. I remember being incredibly tired. There's a brief moment where I remember eating crackers and the crumbs falling down my beard. I remember being told I was going home and I remember all of a sudden being in the car and hating life. Apparently I was really helpful to the staff and Sal during all of this, so even in a drugged out haze, I'm a nice guy.

Then came the vomiting. I spent the rest of the day vomiting every time I got up to move.

All in all though, it hasn't been bad. I had to take pain killers yesterday and had a muscle relaxer last night to sleep.

But then I had these incredibly psychedelic dreams where humans were car sized and they were driving out of garages and eating everything and Sal and I showed up to a party that was filled with Sal and I in green coats or brown corduroy jumpsuits.

Basically, stay off drugs kids.

The pain has been relatively low. Mostly soreness in my leg and back. I hate sleeping on my back, so it's been rough nights of sleep. That will be the hardest obstacle to overcome when I go back to work.

My PS3 is on the fritz which is a bummer seeing as how Sallie and I don't have cable and its our only source or entertainment. It keeps overheating and turning itself off. It won't eject disks.

Also, the stump guy showed up yesterday. 6 days after the tree guys finished. Now there's a giant pile of mulch in our back yard and the neighbors holes are still not fixed. Might have to send Sal out there this weekend to as least fix the holes. The mulch isn't going anywhere.

Blues won Tuesday night. I saw most the important stuff. Well, except for Steen's first goal. I was nodding in and out. Tonight's game will be a little tougher. Late start at 8:30 pm. But I've been slipping in and out of coma naps all day today.