Friday, May 17, 2013

Sending the Food Back

Sallie and I have been tearing through Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares as of late. After watching an episode where probably 20 or so plates were sent back, Sallie turned to me and asked if I ever had issues with that.

For those of you that don't know, I was in the restaurant industry for the better part of 7 years. I loved it. I was great at it. But not even the best ball player hits a 1.000.

There were three incidents.

BBQ Joint: We had this server who was only worried about how much money she made. She didn't care if she screwed people over to do it. One Saturday night, she let customers in 15 minutes after we closed. The kitchen had already moved all the food to the walk-in and we were cleaning up. At 10:25 we heard our ticket machine start printing.

She came back and basically told us to screw off and make the food. The manager was pissed, the dishwasher was pissed, and we were pissed. Because this lady wanted to make another $5, we all had to stay another 20 minutes.

We had to microwave the food they ordered and of course they sent it back saying it didn't taste right and was cold in some places. We microwaved it again and they said it was much better.

As a side note, this same waitress once pooped her pants while working. She was 48 years-old. No excuses.

Noodles 1: Lady came in right at closing and ordered shrimp Alfredo. I didn't eat shrimp at this time, but the shrimp we had wasn't very appetizing to me. It was cheap shrimp.

So she orders her shrimp Alfredo and leaves. About 45 minutes later (we had been closed for 30 minutes at this point) a heavy knocking starts on the front window. It's this lady and she's going crazy. The front of the house person had already gone home, so I went to the front door thinking they forgot something. She busts through the door and stamps up to the front counter.

She then opens her food and says, "TASTE THIS! TASTE IT!" She had already eaten about 33% of it and the food was now about an hour cold and contained the shrimp I didn't eat hot. There was no way in hell I was eating this. She said it was the worst food she'd ever had and demanded a refund. I went to the back and got our General Manager and let him deal with it. (Sorry Alann!)

Noodles 2: This is the only time I fought back. Lady asked for our buttery noodles dish. She was rude when she ordered, complained when we wouldn't give her free chicken, her kids poked our cotton candy, and then they went into the dinning room screaming and running around.

The lady then comes back complaining that OUR buttery noodles didn't taste like HER buttery noodles and she wanted something else. This is of course after her and her kids ate most of the plate.

I told her I would give him a new buttery noodles, but if she wanted something else, she would have to pay the difference. (The buttery noodle was at least $2 cheaper than any other dish because it was just butter, noodles, and garlic.)

She relents to the second buttery noodle. So I pour about 3 cups of butter into her pasta, cook it, and serve it.

She huffed off, not eating any of it and presumably never came back.