Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Coolest Toys Ever

The moment I bought a house, my mom (after graciously helping me move) showed up at my house with a trunk filled of my childhood memories and toys. She smiled as she drove off.

I now had a home owner's right of passage. I had to find a dark shelf in the basement to throw these boxes onto, and forget the stuff exists until I move again and start the cycle over.

Well this was the norm for two years. There was a room in my basement I almost never entered where these boxes sat. After two years, I said no more.

I would not move around boxes filled with certificates that said I knew subtraction in 2nd grade. I would not haul around two giant boxes filled with Legos for the rest of my life, only to have my nephews and nieces have to clean out my attic after I die wondering, "Why the hell did Uncle Dan have Ghostbusters toys?"

So I started going through all my boxes. Nostolgia got the best of me.

Maybe I did like to remember my iron man streak of perfect attendance from 1st-3rd grade. So I scanned all the awards I won and saved them to my external hard drive and then dumped all the physical copies.

My old room mate and I got out the two giant bins of Legos and sat cross legged on my living room rug, building fortresses and pirate ships. And then he moved out... and the Legos sat there collecting dust again.

So, one brave December morning, I sold my Legos on Craigslist to pay for everyone's Christmas gifts. That's right folks, your Christmas gifts were bought with the blood of my childhood memories.

And finally, the two giant boxes of Star Wars collectibles I've been carrying around since 1998. (I put every playset back in its box and then those into larger boxes when we moved from North County to St. Charles and never pulled them out again.)

I started going through the boxes and realized that I has some really f-ing cool Star Wars toys. (Thanks mom and dad) A huge Hoth Micro-machine playset with Snowspeeder and AT-AT. There's the 16 or so action figures I had, including most the bounty hunters, and of course, the hundreds of collectible card game cards.

Here's just a quick picture I took of some of the play sets. (And yes, those are two giant boxes of comic books the play sets are resting on top of.)

How freakin' awesome are those? I really had to hold back actually playing with them. I'm almost 30, and I wanted to play with Micro Machines.

And, I'm probably going to sell some of these next year when the next Star Wars comes out. (Profits should hopefully rise when interest does.) I'm not sure how much of it, but some of it. I started looking up some of the play-sets on eBay and realized, unless I left it in the original packaging, never played with them, those boxes are worthless.

So, sorry everyone that has helped me move, there were two giant boxes that were incredibly un-necessary.

But anyway, point of the story is... well, I'm not really sure. I just wanted to talk about toys. I guess, takes toys out to play with and ditch the boxes they were once in because those boxes don't mean crap on the re-sale market.