Monday, February 18, 2013

Crashy Bean

Everyone knows Crash as that cat we immediately warn not to touch, get near, or look at. She is a vicious creature that will take your face off.

She wasn't always that way.

When we first had Crash, she wasn't really allowed in either of our college residences. So Sallie and I spent a lot of time hiding her in back packs, sneaking her into rooms.

She spent most days at my place, just hanging out in my room. I would come home for my 90 minute lunch break and feed her, play with her, and sometimes just sit there and play guitar while she laid next to me.

She was a very happy kitten.

Every now and then, when I find a few minutes to actually play guitar, I get to see that little kitten come out. Without fail, a few minutes into playing, I'll feel something rub against my leg and when I look down, I see this purring ball of fuzz at my feet.