Thursday, February 14, 2013

It was a GREATTTTTT Night

So yesterday felt like every other Wednesday. It was dragging hard, I was watching the clock, ready to be off work.

Finally 5:00 hits and Sallie and I immediately have to leave to go get our taxes done.

We went to a new guy who was recommended to us by one of Sallie's co-workers. They are in a similar situation to us, lot of side jobs, owed money the last few years, etc. They said this guy could take care of us.

They were right. This guy was great, I recommend everyone to him. Go to Mark Indelicato if you're looking for a tax guy. He has beer in the fridge, Three Stooges paraphernalia hanging on every wall, and a pinball machine in his office.

He went through our stack of documents in about 40 minutes and got us the largest return we've had since we've been married. He was a deduction machine.

So, that put us in a great mood.

We then drove to Bobby's Place out in Fenton to watch the Blues game with some of our favorite folk.

I was nervous. We had our minor league goalie starting in his first NHL game, at Joe Louis arena (Detroit), on a 5 game losing streak and the Blues have a knack for playing terribly whenever we get a nationally televised game. It turned into one of the more exciting games the Blues have played in the last few weeks.

Alex Steen scored the game winning goal in overtime. Anyone that has gone to a Blues game with me in the past two years knows that Steen is my boy, and to advertise that, I wore my Steen shirt last night.

A few minutes after the game ended, I get this pat on my back. It's an older gentleman and he shakes my hand and says, "Congrats, your boy got the game winner tonight." I said thanks and the man started walking away. He got about five steps away from me and my brain clicked, "I think Bobby Plager just shook my hand."

I look him up on Google, just to be sure, and those eye brows are unmistakable. I immediately marched down to the bar, shook his hand, told him it was an honor. I got my shirt signed (He carries a sharpie on his key chain) and got this picture with him.

We came home, drank a home brew, and then went to bed. What a night!