Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oh my, almost forgot the results

Back in January, Sallie and I did a painful diet that consisted of cutting all carbs and much sodium out of our diet for a while. And while I didn't follow it in the most strictest way, I did get results.

On 1/6/2013
Weight: 201.6 lbs
Blood Pressure: 135 / 77

I was feeling pretty rough then. Remember... though I had a heart attack

So we worked out, ate right, and generally felt better.

Well, as of 2/22
Weight: 192.6 lbs
Blood Pressure: 122/80

That brings my total weight loss from Christmas 2011 until now somewhere around 30 lbs. I definitely feel a lot better and can get around without getting winded as easily.

I'm about to go to Columbia for vacation for a few days, so there's a good chance I'll gain a few pounds, but I'm confident I can get right back on the horse. I want to be around 188 when I get surgery in April.