Sunday, March 29, 2009

We Both Know

I wait just late enough to where I know we probably won't see each other. Its not like I'm sitting around doing nothing, I have people over from a previous engagement, but the several times they ask if they should leave, I don't shoe them out.

I call her phone, but no one answers.
I wake up and try calling her again. I promised we would do lunch, and this was one thing I really wanted. It had been so long since we laughed in the same room.

She answers in the pleasant "I miss you, but I can't make our appointment voice."

I play along and put a little more regret in my voice, "This sucks. I hate that we are so busy. I wish we got to hang out."

"Yeah I know, maybe next time."

We both hang up feeling good about not hanging out, but letting the other person know that we do want to hang out with them. We both are too busy, growing up. Whereas 5 years ago, I would drive an hour and fifteen minutes on an idle Sunday just for lunch. Now we are lucky to share a smile as our cars pass on the highway.

I hang up the phone and breath deeply.

Sallie asks, "Are we going to have lunch?"

Besides that the weekend was busy but good.

The Dungeons and Dragons experiment turned out to be a good one. Everyone was laughing and having a great time. We plan on meeting sometime around Easter weekend for part two of our quest.

Mizzou got to the Elite 8, had everyone optimistic, and then lost. Louisville also lost which would've been my second choice. Basically my bracket is done for. I no longer have a team in the tournament. I didn't expect much, but I thought I'd do better than I did.

This week should be interesting. I'll either find out I have a full time position or if I'm still sitting in the contractor chopping block. We had another round of layoffs last week. So its a weird dynamic at work right now. Some of us are applying for full positions as some of us wonder what next.