Sunday, March 1, 2009

Punk Rock Princess

Last Wednesday I brought Sallie to her first punk rock show ever when we saw Flogging Molly at the Pageant.

Actually, I think this was our first non-Jonus Brothers show we went to together.

Anyway, Sallie got into the Mosh pit with me. I didn't write about it yet because there were more important things to talk about this week and I had to see how long the lost voice and general soreness would last. It wasn't as bad as I expected, but Sallie still has bruised shins.

She was also initiated. Every concert goer to the harder rock shows has to at one point accidentally get their hand stuck in the armpit of the shirtless guy, try to pull it out, but only he can release you. Then, once you pull it out, you stare at your smelly sweaty hand, throw-up in your mouth a little bit, and keep your arms as close to your body as much as possible.

She had fun and I think will attend other punk shows with me... assuming they are a bit more pop than punk.

Something else I've been conflicted about: I've noticed that libraries have recently started getting comic books and Nintendo Wii's in order to trick kids into reading.

Now, I love both comic books and Wii's. Therefore I like that tax dollars are buying these.

I think some comics are actually better written than some novels. Some videogames are better written than most novels actually.

I hate that kids have to be tricked into reading. Doesn't look good for my future career. I guess there's always the Hollywood option. I can be one of those underground writers that gets my work published. Some college campuses talk about it. A few English teachers force their class to read it. Then some pompous Hollywood type hears about it on Opera, pays me a million dollars, ruins my work, and I go on book tours talking about what bastards the people in Hollywood are.