Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Idle Nerdiness

Welcome Aunt Laura to the wonderful world of my blog. You get to start out with one of the greatest you can... one where I show how much of a complete nerd I actually am, even as a 24 year old.

Sallie and I all of a sudden had all this extra time once I stopped working 50-60 hour weeks, so we loaded up the car and took a trip to Louisville. It was fun and well worth the trip, but ever since then it seems like we've been catching up on time we spent. Its like some sort of sick currency. Once you catch up, a bill you forgot about appears and bankrupts your time bank.

Basically, we're back to where we were in February. Often too tired to do anything too productive (Thanks largely to a cat that sleeps while we works and bothers us while we sleep) we've started family videogaming nights. After talking about how great Resident Evil 5 is, Sallie picked up a controller and into the world of survival horror we went.

We've been killing zombies and buying weapons for a good 5 days now and Sallie is actually good at the game. She's a mean support character with her shotgun, laughing manically as she shatters the head off of an attacking monster. The best part is when she gets scared and jumps. Make me feel like this game was well worth the purchase price.

Another nerdy thing going on... I can't believe I'm going to admit this... is this weekend Sallie and I are going to play Dungeons and Dragons. This is a game you're supposed to get into when you're 12 and too scared to talk to girls. Instead, I'm 24 years old and jumping into a world of Orcs and Elves, where my brain creates the fantasy landscape.

I figured I'm going to try it out. See if I like it. My brains been craving a creative outlet lately, but I've been too tired to actually write. So maybe making stuff up as I go will be good for me, jump start my brain again. This happened to me before, where I got a sort of writers block. I used to draw all the time and then I woke up one day and didn't have any ideas. Then I used to play guitar and write songs all the time until I convinced myself I was no good. I'm not ready to give up writing just yet.

For those of you that want to know... I'm considering being a Human Paladin and Sallie plans on being an Eladrin Ranger. In non-nerd terms, I will be a religious healer and Sallie will be a deadly assassin.

Growing up in Bellefountaine I didn't have much time for Dungeons and Dragons. I was too busy getting my bike stolen and hoping not to get shot at school.

In non-nerdy, responsible adult world: Sallie and I bought a few pieces of furniture this weekend and finally got rid of all of our plastic furniture from college. I think its the true status symbol of growing up. Rubbermade should only be stamped on trashcans and laundry baskets, not drawers and organizers.