Sunday, April 5, 2009

A long week

Well I didn't get the full time position at my work... at least this round. The recruiter called and said that there will probably be more positions in the near future and they would be reaching out to me. Basically, they made it sound like I would be hired the next round. I don't know if that was a corporate easy way to let me down, but I sure hope not. That would be cruel.

So I was feeling a bit down on Thursday about that, and at the same time I feel guilty for being disappointed. I have friends sitting in the next cubicles that don't have their job after Thursday of this week.So that Catholic guilt that was instilled in me as a child has me feeling double down over not getting the position.

Hopefully in a few weeks I'll have it.

This weekend we did a lot of chilling out and movie watching... well kinda. We actually went to a concert Friday night, the Ting Tings. I won't write about that here, you can see my review at

Saturday we spent most of the gorgeous day with the windows down in Forest Park... stuck in traffic. Apparently all of the greater St. Louis area thought going to the Zoo was a good idea. I only wanted to go to the art museum to see the traveling exhibit about the Ming Dynasty.

It was exactly what you would expect from ancient Chinese art. Scrolls, tapestries, robes, and dishes all decorated with Jade and dragons.

Today we're taking it somewhat easy. We're supposed to yet again get rain which will turn into snow tonight. I have the windows open right now. Oh Missouri, how I love thee's weather.

We're going to concert number two tonight and seeing Blue October. I feel like I'm in high school again.

BTW: Dungeons and Dragons was a hit. It sounds like it could turn into yet another addictive hobby.

This has been a long week. I'm ready for a nap. Next weekend promises to be just as busy. Rolla on Saturday. Easter Sunday. I'm also driving up to Wentzville to fix a friend's parents computer. Basically, yes we've gotten ourselves into one of our non-stop visiting-a-thons where we don't have a weekend of rest.