Sunday, April 5, 2009

What Went Through My Mind

Here's a play-by-play of what went through my mind at the concert tonight.

7:30- Finally we're here. When did it get so cold out?
7:43- The old security lady reached deep into my pockets at the door. Somehow I don't think she was looking for weapons.
7:50- Looking around this pit I find myself wanting to fight a lot of people. Note to self, look into anger management therapy tomorrow.

8:00- Opening band "Ours" comes on stage. Everyone comes out with pre-torn black shirts, the bassist has a scarf on. This band exclusively shops at Hot Topic.
8:01- This guy is really sad.
8:03- The drummer is staring at the ceiling. He looks really bored.
8:10- Is this still the first painful song?
8:12- This guy is more sad than originally thought. If the band wasn't so boring I would buy merchandise to cheer him up.
8:15- This guy might be sad, but he sure can slam that tambourine.
8:18- This guy behind me tapped my shoulder and told me to move out of the way so his 5'00" girlfriend can see. Assuming this is "baby's first concert." Fight the urge to point out obvious, "You're at a sold out rock show, in the mosh pit, in the back. Even if I move, someone else will come along."
8:20- Sure enough, another taller guy moves in.
8:21- Taller guy gets the move out of the way spiel. Instead of giving short couple grief and stink eye, he jokes with them and remains in place. I wish I would've thought of that.
8:22- The singer is yet even more sad. Fairly sure his eye makeup is running down his cheek with tears. Afraid he might cut himself on stage.
8:24- Hear girl behind me complain about not being able to see. Boyfriend makes snide remark. Urge to fight people rises.
8:30- "Ours" leaves stage.

8:32- More people push in. Guy and girl behind me are even more pissed. I'm feeling a little bit better.
9:05- Testing for "Blue October's" singers microphone gets erupting cheers. Seeing as how there are only 6 "Blue October" songs I don't like, this should be a good show.
9:24- Someone starts smoking a clove cigarette and someone else simultaneously farts. The pit is not a pleasant place right now.
9:25- The Point has a radio DJ come on stage to talk about Pointfest. DJ is actually funny. Maybe I should give the Point another chance. DJ announces a new "Blue October" album has come out that I don't know. Immediately I pray they don't play much from it.

9:30- Band takes the stage to crowd applause.
9:31- Starts with a song I don't know.
9:36- Plays a second song I don't know.
9:38- Fat security guard forces way into crowd to yell at girl for taking pictures.
9:40- Ok, three songs from the new album, they should be about exhausted on that.
9:45- Singer announces next song is his favorite on the new album.
9:46- Fat security guard pushes way back into crowd to pull two even fatter people out. Throws everyone off balance.
9:48- For real, play something older. Crowd is still excited, no one knows words but many try to pretend.
9:49- Two fat guys come back into crowd. Security guard stands behind me breathing like he's dying.
9:52- Singer announces they will play entire new album. I sigh loudly.
10:00- New album is good. I might have to get it. I wish I new the words. Starting to get tired. Short guy behind me is pushes slightly on my back, forcing me to stand on tippy-toes. Elbow hand out of way several times. Doesn't get picture. Try to look menacing toward him, but he looks too much like Drew Carey...who can hate Drew Carey?
10:01- Fat security guard reaches across me to tell someone to stop having so much fun. His armpit is too close for comfort.
10:05- Band plays 12th and final song from new album, promising old songs next.
10:08- My back/legs/toes hurt too much. I have to wuss out and leave pit. Ask myself if its because I'm getting too old, but then convince myself it was the short guy behind me.
10:12- Band has now played 2 of the 6 songs I don't like from older albums.
10:14- I liked these guys much better when the singer wasn't in love and was still on drugs.
10:15- Band plays one of my favorite songs. Still can't get into the show. Try to bring my mind back to when I saw the band 4 years ago. 15 people showed up and we rocked hard.
10:20- Band starts to play third of the six songs I don't like. Sallie and Beth both look bored. We agree to cut our losses and eat some comfort food.

10:40- Steak N Shake Turkey Club is awesome. Waiter compliments my Resident Evil hoody. I want to tip him $50. Luckily Sallie pays and keeps her head on. He got a good tip, but not a fanboy tip.
11:10- Get home/shower/type this. Time for bed!

So yeah, the concert wasn't great. I don't think I will go see Blue October again. The crowd that listens to them now just isn't my scene. Its unfortunate, but what can you do.